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Banksy style street-art in Lincoln
Black cat graffiti
Banksy style work on a wall in Lincoln

Mysterious graffiti art-work, depicting black cats, has been appearing on the walls of buildings in Lincoln.

The paintings have been spotted at various locations throughout the city centre, including Carholme Road and Brayford Pool.

Lincolnshire County Council have already removed most of the feline paintings, one of which was sprayed on their own sign.

The council said the graffiti was probably the work of students.

One art student from the University of Lincoln said "It's probable that whoever painted the cats is a big fan of Banksy, but whereas Banksy is well known for his social and political comment, I'm not sure what the cats represent."

Banksy recently left his mark on the Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay, with an image of a young boy drawing a robot.

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