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Presenter profile: Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson

How did you come to be working for BBC Leicester?

I was working out in Birmingham doing traffic and car park reports for BBC Radio WM when I met the programme organiser here in Leicester.

He asked me to fill in as the breakfast show broadcast assistant for six weeks. It was a real mixture of stuff from making features and doing radio car reports to taking bits of audio sent up from London and making the tea. Anyway, I just never left!

Who's been your best guest and why?

That's a really difficult question. I interview so many people and the vast majority are interesting and often passionate about their subject matter.
Just this morning I spoke to someone who runs a kite park in Wymeswold. She was great. So enthusiastic about what she does; in fact so much so I'm going to take my eldest son down there to have a go!
Maybe the answer should be, "The best guest is the last one I spoke to!"

What's been your worst on-air moment?

That would have to be when I was the assistant to the Breakfast Show and I was out on a radio car piece at the railway station.

I'd broken three ribs a couple of weeks before (falling over in the bath, but that's another story!), but because I'd only just started to work at Radio Leicester I was desperate to get back to work.

Suffice it to say that the bones hadn't mended, I tripped just as I went live in air, fell against the car re-breaking the ribs.

I managed to keep talking despite going grey, breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling as if I was about to pass out. Not sure who was more alarmed, me or the guest!

What's your career highlight so far?

Riding my little Royal Enfield motorbike all the way to John o'Groats as part of our Ruby Rainbow appeal a couple of years ago.

It was great fun, technically demanding and raised loads of money for LOROS. Result all round!

Your favourite place in Leicestershire and Rutland and why?

Oh come on! That's just impossible.

How do you choose between the little villages along the Wreake valley, the top of the Beacon on a warm sunny day, Charnwood Forest in the early autumn just as the leaves begin to change colour.

What about Rutland Water, or Oakham the week before Christmas. Then there's Northfield Farm in Cold Overton for the great produce or Stonehurst farm in Mountsorrel for the old cars and the scones?

Actually, it's just occurred to me. There is one place that's probably my favourite. My Mum's kitchen in Rotherby about an hour before Sunday lunch!

Favourite tv show?

Top Gear every time.

Favourite food?

Roast chicken. I love loads of other stuff - stews, my Grandmother's Christmas pudding, good local meat thrown on the barbeque with a bunch of friends, the children's fairy cakes and biscuits, and on, and on, and on!

But if you really press me it would have to be a lovely free range roast chicken. With bread sauce. And stuffing. And veg from the garden. And the children arguing over who gets the wish bone.

What do you do to help you relax?

I love cooking, particularly if it's a big fish pie for the children or a great big vat of jam.

I also just love going out on my motorbike: Leicestershire countryside, thumping old engine... perfect!


You can contact Ben by email: ben.jackson@bbc.co.uk

Ben presents the Breakfast Show from Monday to Friday, 06:00-09:00.

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