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Spiritual master Gurumaa inspires Leicester followers
Anandmurti Gurumaa
Anandmurti Gurumaa, who lives in an ashram in India, comes to Leicester

Spiritualist, Anandmurti Gurumaa from India, visited Ramgarhia Community Centre on Tuesday 13 July 2010 to inspire the people of Leicester.

She hoped to introduce her teaching methods to people who she has not yet reached; "This brings me joy."

Gurumaa is seen as a source of light to those looking for an answer, wisdom, inspiration and empowerment.

Millions of people of all ages and religions from across the world have attended her lectures.

Gurumaa, or 'master mother', was born in Amritsar. She currently lives in an ashram in Haryana in India.

She describes her teachings as awareness.

Modern day pressures mean that people find themselves more and more stressed - be it money, work or health worries. Times like these mean people often look for spiritual guidance from mentor like Gurumaa.

"Difficult times are not there to shatter us. Difficult times actually gives us a reason to strengthen and power our selves."

Gurumaa understands that her teachings may not be for everyone, but still believes there is a place for it.

"It may not work for every individual.

"If we can get the know-how - the power to energise our selves, make us wise and prepare for difficult situations - to help people who are suffering, I think we would be in a very good place."

No religious boundaries

Gurumaa does not believe that religion should separate people.

"Our origin, our roots are one and the same.

Anandmurti Gurumaa

"You may call it a different name, you may put a tag on it or you may label it but the thing is you can not define a demarcation which is there in between me or between one race or another.

"The boundaries, which we see in between the religions, are man-made. It does not exist originally, but that's the whole trouble - people have lost their grip on their own roots.

"This is actually disturbing, it brings animosity and hatred and violence too.

"But if one could go deep into ones mind they would then find it's the same energy, it's the same consciousness."

When Gurumaa visits Leicester she hopes to make a connection with people who are experiencing her teaching methods for the first time.

"I hope and I pray that I can bring them some light.

"I hope to make them more evolved and help them to be a better person on all levels, emotions, intellect, mind and even worldly wise too."

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