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Nuns put Rempstone Hall on market for 2.5 million

A video tour of Rempstone Hall

Ever fancied a living in a huge house surrounded by stunning scenery?

Rempstone Hall, built in 1792, is a Grade II listed building set in 22 acres of beautiful countryside.

For the last 30 years it has been home to a group of Anglican Benedictine nuns, who are now moving on to a purpose built convent in Costock.

Bought by the nuns of Holy Cross Convent for £110,000, the house, which features 20 bedrooms and six bathrooms, is now on the market for £2.5 million.

Reverend Mother Mary Luke said that although the furnishings are sparse, the nuns have been careful to preserve the structure of the Georgian building.

Reverend Mother Mary Luke
I sometimes wonder if I'm sleeping in the same room as Florence Nightingale
Reverend Mother Mary Luke, Holy Cross Convent

During their residence the roof has been replaced, new gutters have been added, and the stucco has been removed from external walls to reveal the original pink brick.

The chapel is described as particularly beautiful, with its five 12ft windows providing the perfect light and stunning views for the sisters as they attend their prayers there seven times a day.

A fond farewell

Reverend Mother Mary Luke said, "It will always be apart of me, especially since I was one of the ones who came right at the very beginning and I made my life profession here."

However, she said she will not miss the layout of the building, which is far from ideal for the nuns' way of life.

"The kitchen is at one end and the room that we use for a larder is down the other end.

So you go down for a packet of sugar and you come back and you think, 'Oh blow, I've forgotten the flour!'"

The building has passed hands many times during its 218 year history, and is likely to have played host to a number of illustrious guests, including Lord Byron and Florence Nightingale.

"I sometimes wonder if I'm sleeping in the same room as Florence."

The nine nuns hope to move to their new convent by May 2011, and are relying on the sale of Rempstone Hall to finance the completion of the building.

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