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Leicester city centre road sign spelled incorrectly
Incorrect road sign in Leicester
It should be spelled Gilroes Cemetery - a crematorium on Groby Road, Leicester

The incorrect spelling of a cemetery in Leicester has been noticed on a sign on one of the city's busiest roads.

The sign on Burleys Way near St. Margaret's Bus Station in the city centre points towards "Gilrose Cemetery".

Motorists should be directed towards Gilroes Cemetery, a crematorium and multi-faith cemetery, on Groby Road.

Leicester City Council said the error is "cheap to put right" and will be correcting the road sign in March 2011.

The council added: "The sign was put in only very recently. It is very simple and cheap to put right, and we will be doing so as soon as possible, within the next few weeks."

English students from University of Leicester have informed BBC Leicester of other signs around the city, on pubs and shops, which also contain spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

It proves to be one of those issues which some people feel quite strongly about
Sarah Austin, English student

Sarah Austin, one of the students, noticed the lack of an apostrophe on "Shakespeares Head", a pub sign in Leicester.

When used correctly, apostrophes can show possession or contraction.

"There are quite a lot of these mistakes - some people find them amusing, some find the signs frustrating," said Sarah.

"It proves to be one of those issues which some people feel quite strongly about.

"Instead of belonging to the Bard, the pub implies there are multiple Shakespeares in Leicester," she added.

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