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Drive My Car Home fights drink-driving in Leicester
Vimal Chauhan with his moped
"I'm surprised at the success of the idea so far" - Vimal Chauhan

A Leicestershire businessman hopes to double his team of drivers for his unusual taxi service - riding a foldable moped to the customer and then driving them home in their own car.

Vimal Chauhan, founder of DriveMyCarHome.co.uk, is surprised at the demand for their services but hopes to continue to help reduce the number of drink-drivers on Leicester's roads.

The company, established in May 2009 and has won an Innovation Award for the idea, aims to have a total of 10 staff by November 2010.

"We've already got the bikes in stock because our business plan is to basically recruit enough drivers and have enough demand for the drivers to get the work out there."

How it works

A fully-insured chauffeur arrives on a foldable moped, which is then placed in the boot of the customer's car.

The vehicle and passengers are then driven safely home.

Once the fee has been settled, the driver simply unfolds the moped and sets off to their next job.

The mini motorbikes have been modified by an engineering company so that certain elements are quick release, and can be taken apart in less than 60 seconds.

So far the team have discovered the bike can be folded small enough to fit into the back of a new Mini.

All the drivers are fully insured to drive any car; a perk of the job for Vimal who gets to drive "some very nice cars - and we get paid for it!"

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