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Garra Rufa gives a fishy pedicure at a Leicester spa

Not just one but hundreds of Garra rufa fish exfoliate your feet

A unique beauty treatment, hundreds of Garra rufa fish exfoliating your feet, is being offered at a spa in Leicester.

The nibble fish, originally from Turkey, gives you a pedicure by eating away dead skin using suction-shaped mouths, leaving your feet soft.

Ashifa Fozdar, co-owner of Dr Fish Spa and Beauty on Belgrave gate, hopes the foot therapy will be popular.

The new craze, which has swept America, is believed to promote circulation as well as feeding the fish.

Garra Rufa fish giving a pedicure
We check that there are no infections or open wounds on the customer's feet
Ashifa Fozdar, Dr Fish Spa and Beauty

Ashifa says every customer must have their feet washed before stepping in to the fish pool.

"Our number one concern is the health, safety and hygiene of our fishes and customers.

"We check that there are no infections or open wounds on the customer's feet."

Ashifa believes this new foot therapy helps reduce skin problems, such as eczema, and is safe.

"The Garra rufa fish are from the piranhas family, but these don't have any teeth.

"They mainly nibble around the heel areas and between the toes leaving your feet silky smooth."

Reaction to Dr Fish

People, who have had the treatment, share their thoughts.

Dr Fish tanks in Leicester
Dr Fish Spa and Beauty on Belgrave gate in Leicester

"When you first get in it's a horrible sensation, something nibbling at your feet.

"But once you get used to it, it's like having pins and needles and a miniature massage all over your feet." (Middle age woman)

"When I look down I realise how many fish are on my feet at one time and it just freaks me out." (Teenager)

"It's great, it feels really good. You think it's going to be really weird, but it's not. It's really relaxing." (Young woman)

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