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Newfoundpool's party for the Queen's Silver Jubilee

Lisa Haywood celebrates Queen's Silver Jubilee

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Residents of the Newfoundpool area in Leicester enjoy a street party to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Community gatherings such as this did much to strengthen neighbourly bonds, but in recent years they are few and far between.

In early 2010, BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth returned to his roots in Newfoundpool. He launched a reality series called 'The Street' focusing on Hawthorne Street, to determine how life in the area had changed since he played in the streets as a child 50 years ago.

During his personal journey back to the area he met many of the residents including Mike Haywood, who filmed the street party in 1977.

His late wife Val and daughter Lisa took part in the 1977 street party - Lisa is wearing a pearly princess costume.

The grassed area, where the children's games were filmed, is the same location where similar events will take place as the residents throw another party - 2010 style - thanks to the support from BBC Leicester!


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