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Robotic suit hopes for paralysed Leicestershire woman

Claire Lomas is hoping new robotic technology will help her walk again

A Leicestershire woman is hoping that new technology may be able to help her walk again after a tragic accident.

Claire Lomas from Eye Kettleby was paralysed from the waist down after breaking her back when she was thrown from her horse three years ago.

She uses a wheelchair, but is focused on recovering the use of her legs.

Claire believes a robotic suit, made in Israel, may provide the answer she is searching for and is determined to raise the £13,000 needed to buy one.

The 30-year-old currently spends three hours a day working on her recovery and as a result has made slow but steady progress.

Claire Lomas with fiancee Dan

"There's good days and bad days, you keep busy and I've got lots on. You just can't dwell on it too much because I can't change what's happened.

"What I can do is work on improving the situation, so that's what I'm doing."

Since her accident Claire has started a new job, found a fiancée, and taken up skiing.

She said the freedom using a monoski has given her is similar to the excitement she used to feel when she competed at horse riding events, and she has planned to spend a weekend with the Paralympics development squad.

However she still longs to return to the level of activity she had before and has set about organising fundraising to buy one of the robotic suits, which are anticipated to be available in the UK next year.

"When I dream I'm always walking or I start off in the chair but by the end of the dream I've got up and made some miraculous recovery.

"I wish that would happen but it's a bit slower than that, but I'll get there one day."

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