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The Street: The Newfoundpool Working Mens Club
Newfoundpool Working Mens Club
The Newfoundpool Working Mens Club is the social focal point of the area

Bill Wheelband, who runs the Newfoundpool Working Men's club close to Hawthorne Street in Leicester, takes part in the project called The Street.

BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth launched the project after 'adopting' the street in Newfoundpool - the area where he grew up as a child.

The Street project takes a closer look at the lives behind closed doors and the community that is shared.

The WMC on Beatrice Road is the social focal point for the area.

Success at Newfoundpool Working Mens Club

At a time when Working Mens Clubs across the city are facing closure, the Newfoundpool WMC is still running successfully with around 1,900 members signed up.

Meet Bill

WMC - Bill Wheelband

Bill is the club steward at Newfoundpool WMC and has lived around Leicester all his life.

He started working at the club in 1990 as a part-time barman whilst working for Dunlop.

Having really enjoyed the job at the club, Bill later went on to become club steward.

Meet Dawn Derbyshire

Dawn Derbyshire

Dawn has been a barmaid at Newfoundpool WMC for 20 years and really enjoys working at the club.

Although Dawn has now moved just outside the area, Newfoundpool is very important to her and her family. She hopes that one day her children will bring up their families in the area too.

Meet Walter Bailey

WMC - Wal Bailey

Wal, as he is known to his friends, is 83 years-old has been a member of Newfoundpool WMC for over 50 years. Making him one of the clubs oldest members.

Having become an honorary member of the WMC, he is now exempt from paying any membership fees.

Wal has lived in Newfoundpool for 76 years and makes a daily visit to the club every day without fail.

Find out more about the residents of Hawthorne Street in Leicester on Tony Wadsworth's show on BBC Radio Leicester (104.9FM, Dab and Online) between 09:00-12:00, Monday to Friday.


Louise Thompson with baby Georgia. The Street's real-life stories
Residents from BBC Leicester's 'adopted' street, Hawthorne St, share their real-life stories
Number 77 - Blondie Bert 'Blondie' Hookway
Seventy-four year-old Blondie lives at number 77 Hawthorne St
No. 3 - Sarah Bedford Sarah Bedford
Young mother, Sarah, lives at number 3 Hawthorne Street
Number 72 - Katie Thomas Katie Thomas
Mother of two, Katie, lives at number 72 Hawthorne St
WMC - Bill Wheelband Newfoundpool WMC
Hawthorne St residents socialise at the club run by Bill Wheelband
Dipak Patel owns the local convenience store close to Hawthorne Street Dipak Patel's (Dips) shop
Dips owns Hawthorne Street's local convenience store
Digger Dyer Digger & Company
Hawthorne Street's local barber shop is run by Digger Dyer
Julie and Jason Thompson Jason & Julie Thompson
Jason and Julie believe it was love at first sight
No. 40 - Michael Haywood Michael (Mike) Haywood
Mike lives at 40 Hawthorne Street - the 'House of Elvis'
No. 62 - Mark Gibson Mark Gibson
Mark has lived at 62 Hawthorne Street for eight years
Number 68 - Dorothy Merry Dorothy Merry
Twelve people have lived at 68 Hawthorne Street at one time
No. 75 - Lisa Peden, Mark & June Lisa Peden, Mark & June
Mark, Lisa and June live at 75 Hawthorne Street
Number 82 - Catherine Swaine & Gareth Hussy Gareth & Catherine
Gareth Hussy & Catherine Swaine live at 82 Hawthorne St
No. 84 - Marshmo Druski Marshmo (Martin) Druski
Martin, who lives at no.84, is a talented air brush artist
No. 86 - Louise and Georgia Thompson Paddy & Louise Thompson
The couple have lived at 86 Hawthorne Street for 15 years
No. 88 - Mr and Mrs Connelly Geoff & Carol Connolly
The Connellys have been living at 88 Hawthorne St for 44 years
Elaine Swann has lived on Hawthorne Street in Newfoundpool all her life Elaine Swann
Elaine has lived at 90 Hawthorne Street all her life
No. 99 - Christine Harman Christine, Marie & Olive
Christine & Marie Harman live at no.99 and Olive lives in the area
Street Party Celebrations Hawthorne's Street Party
Residents throw a party to bring the community spirit back



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