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'Facing the Cuts' in Leicester and Leicestershire
Facing the Cuts
National BBC project, 'Facing the Cuts', reveals how you are going to be affected

Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils are being forced to cut spending because of the recession.

Controversial budget cuts have been set by the City and County councillors - cuts which will have an impact on hundreds of jobs and local services.

BBC Leicester has collected details of these cuts, for the 2010 financial year, to show the level of the recession in your public sector.

BBC's 'Facing the Cuts' reveals how you are going to be affected.

How will Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils save money over the next 12 months? And how will it impact on you - the taxpayers and service users?

County budget plans

County councillors have set out their spend and save plan for the following year. David Parsons, the leader of the controlling Conservative group, set the budget.

The budget plan aims to cut £66 million from public service spending over the next four years with the loss of up to 650 jobs - that is one in 10 of the workforce.

Westfiled Community Centre
Westfield Community Centre is under threat of closure

Nineteen million pounds will be cut from services over the next four years, which means a £2.5 million will be cut from Children and Young People's Services - including School Transport.

Ten million pounds will be axed from Adults and Community services.

Over £5 million is being saved from the Environment and Transport departments and just under a million pounds will be cut from the Chief Executive's budget.

There will also be £45 million worth of efficiency savings over the next four years.

County council tax will go up from 1 April 2010 by 2.5%. It will then be frozen in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 financial years.

Simon Galton, who leads the Liberal Democrat Group at County Hall believes the effects of the cuts will be widely felt.

"The budget includes a range of other cuts. They're taking away school bus services so young people will now have to walk some very difficult routes, across motorway bridges and so on, which we don't think are safe."

Leicestershire County Council is removing their £14,000 cash support towards the school bus service.

school bus
It will increase the charge and for some people who have more than one child
Julie Eason, Leicestershire

Julie Eason, a mother of a child that is going to have their bus service axed, is worried that the increase in prices will become unaffordable for some parents.

"Although that is not stopping the bus, indirectly we think it will because it will increase the charge and for some people who have more than one child - it will become too expensive."

It is believed that because County Council funding for Leiestershire Art, Dance and Drama services is being axed, young people who have benefited will have to pay more.

However, Cllr Parsons insists the budget cuts are not all negative. "The funding is not being slashed.

"We are a very careful council and we have listened to people. Two thousand people have helped us with this budget and people can look forward to zero council tax increases for three of the next four years."

The Leader of the Labour group at County Hall, Max Hunt, is not impressed with the new budget plans.

"It is ripping out community facilities across the county particularly in Loughborough and Hinckley."

City budget plans

What effect will Leicester City Council's budget plans, for the next financial year, have on you?

The City Council budget plan will cut within Children services - the community schools budget will be affected. There will also be some cuts in Environmental services and Cultural services.

DeMontfort Hall - Copyright Leicestershire Promotions
Leicester City Council plans to re-furbishing DeMonfort Hall

But the City Council is planning on re-furbishing DeMonfort Hall, invest in the Jewry Wall as well as investing in safer stronger communities.

Leader of the City Council Ross Willmott believes that even though they will be losing 280 posts there will be few compulsory redundancies.

"In the city we have understood that we are in a recession. We have brought down the council tax as low as possible but at the same time we have made efficiencies mainly in the backroom."

Council tax goes up by 1.9% in the 2010 financial year and the City Council has proposed an increase of 2.9% in 2011 and 2.9% in 2012.

"For the increase we get a new city art gallery, the Bishop Street Post Office will be renovated into a new customer care service, £1.7 million going into free personal care at home, £1.1 million going to primary school children for a new literacy scheme and new city wardens."

Josie Nichols from UNISON fears the vulnerable in our community will suffer.

"It's very sad for public services. It is going to be vulnerable people who are going to be hit - the young and old."

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Nobody can deny that by implementing these cuts now, it certainly also has the effect of increasing the chances of a Conservative victory at the coming election, is it any surprise then that most of the Councils talking up massive cuts in spending are Conservative Councils? There is actually no need to make ANY cuts this year, other than as a result of overspending on fanciful projects that nobody wanted in the first place, plus overblown wages/ expenses; the Government has committed to increasing Local Council Grants by 4% for the coming year!
Anthony Hilsdon, Melton Mowbray

How can councils be so short of cash. We are constantly being told about all these millions of new people arriving in this country all of whom need houses and jobs, therefore there must be billions of pounds in extra income tax and council tax being paid by these new residents. So where is all this extra money going? Seriously, where is the money going?
John Shelton, Leicester

What do the public expect; the banks were bailed out with taxpayers money so there is not much spare money for anybody, schools, universities. We have had a government which has spent, spent as if there is no tomorrow and not put any money aside. This government has also created the largest benefit system in the world. Everybody will suffer because of this government which does not know when to stop spending money it does not have.
Frances, Leicestershire


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