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Singing with the Summer Sundae 2010 choir

Summer Sundae choir
People of all ages and singing abilities took part in the Summer Sundae choir

By Tay Joseph
Blast Reporter for Leicester

I was happy to be asked if i could do a feature on the Summer Sundae choir, but I never thought that I would be on stage performing!

I haven't sung in a choir since I was at secondary school, but love to sing in the comfort of my own home with a hairbrush in hand.

Even so, I thought that I would give it a try and headed over to the tent where the rehearsals were taking place during the festival weekend.

To my surprise and relief the voice practitioner who was leading the choir, was my singing teacher when I was at school.

Hannah Brine is a local singing teacher, performer and conductor in Leicestershire.

She has been performing for well over ten years now and teaching for about five years.

A different festival experience

Three years ago, Hannah set up her own community choir in Leicester and was spotted by the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Summer Sundae choir

"There appears to be a trend for singing and choirs at the moment, both locally and nationally."

The comedy tent organisers contacted Hannah about running a choir at the 10th Summer Sundae weekender and she agreed.

"I suppose it's in the comedy tent because it's a space that's not being used all the time during the festival.

"The choir is something alternative to do whilst at the festival."

There were people of all ages and singing abilities and it was great to see that there was such a good turn out of people who wanted to participate in the choir.

Taking to the stage

We only had five hours practice over three days to learn all three songs and a 'mash up' melody which included four songs altogether.

Hannah started off by showing us techniques to warm up our voices and then we learnt the first song, 'Higher and Higher'.

We also sang a Take That song, 'Man in the Mirror' by Michael Jackson, and 'You Got the Love', which was originally sung by Candy Staton.

I was nervous that people may not take the choir seriously because our performance was in the comedy tent.

My confidence grew by the second rehearsal and we received a massive response from the crowd and even had an encore!

I felt that the Summer Sundae choir was a great experience. Hannah taught us really well and made learning the songs seems so easy!

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