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Tay Joseph's Blast reporter diary for BBC Leicester

Tay Joseph
By Tay Joseph
Blast reporter for BBC Leicester

Tay Joseph has joined the BBC Leicester website team for summer 2010, as a Blast music reporter.

She will be out and about across Leicestershire, bringing you all the latest local music stories.

Find out what she's been getting up to by following her weekly placement diary.

Week seven
BBC Leicester radio car
It was an early start for Tay when she joined radio car reporter Julie Mayer

I woke up at 05:00 this morning to arrive at the BBC for 06:00!

Even though I was very cold and tired, I was looking forward to my morning in the radio car.

I met with BBC Leicester's Julie Mayer and after she found out what stories she would be reporting on, we made our way to the first destination which was Quorn.

I helped with setting up the radio equipment and ensuring we had the right information for each interview.

We also went to Blaby and Belgrave, before heading back to the studio in the afternoon.

I really enjoyed learning about the role of a live reporter and met some interesting people along the way!

Week six
A microphone
Tay spent time with presenter Chris Highton on the afternoon show

Today I sat in on the afternoon show to find out how a radio show is put together and the role of the producer, broadcast assistant and presenter.

There was a lot of information to take in, but I found it really interesting and took down some notes so that I wouldn't forget anything!

I learnt the basics of how to use the programmes which are used to produce the show.

I also saw how the phone-in system works to answer calls from listeners and to do interviews.

Week five
Tay performs at Summer Sundae
Tay Joseph performs with the Summer Sundae choir to a packed crowd

Day six

I spent today preparing for my weekend at Summer Sundae 2010, which I am very excited about!

The acts that will be performing over the weekend look amazing!

Summer Sundae weekend

This weekend I have been at the 10th Summer Sundae weekender at Leicester's De Montfort Hall.

The weather was terrible, until Sunday when the sun finally decided to show its face.

During the weekend I took part in the Summer Sundae choir rehearsals and performed on stage.

I have written a feature for the site about my experience. Take a look…

I tried out almost every food stall and watched some great bands! My favourite acts were David Ford on the musician stage and Devlin, who performed on the rising stage.

I spent a bit of time back stage with The Beat production team and got to meet Tinchy Stryder.

I also spoke on the radio, by which time my voice had pretty much gone!

A very fun and tiring weekend!

Week four

I spent this week looking forward to next week, as I have been ill!

Week three
Performer at Peace & Love Festival
Tay headed down to Peace & Love Festival in the centre of Leicester

Day five

I went to 2Funky Arts in Leicester to check out their DJ summer workshop for young people in the city.

I felt like a real reporter with my flash mic and camera at the ready. I managed to get some good quotes from the organisers and a local dj which was great.

When I got back to the office I sent a few emails and put together my article for the site.

Check it out…

Day six

Today I was out in the city centre to watch the Leicester Peace & Love Festival.

Although it rained I still had an enjoyable day.

There was a lot of talent and it was great that those who participated were able to showcase what they could do.

Week two
D.j Sharman's Blues Bar
Tay's first feature focused on Dean Sharman aka. D.j's Blues Bar

Day three

I had a bit of trouble with my computer, so spent most of the morning on the phone to the technician (technology ey!).

I learnt how to use CPS and started my first BBC Introducing article for the site.

There was a lot to take in and so much to remember, but I managed to get the hang of it.

It was great to see how a webpage comes together and how to include photographs, audio and links.

Day four

Today I completed my BBC Introducing article which you can now all have a look at...

I also made a few phone calls today to arrange times for me to report on some forthcoming events which are happening in Leicester.

Another good day!

Week one
A computer keyboard
In Tay's first week she was introduced to the office - and BBC online training

Day one

I was extremely excited for my first day as the new BBC Blast Reporter and surprisingly I didn't feel nervous at all.

The last time I came to BBC Leicester was only a few weeks ago for my interview and now I was coming to start what I hope to be a memorable and exciting experience!

This morning, I sat in on a meeting along with the Editor, Assistant Editor, Sports Reporter and the online team. They were discussing new stories for the next day.

The rest of the day was spent doing Health & Safety training online and a Production safety course. I found it a bit tedious, but at least I now feel very confident in the event of a fire!

Day two

I already feel as if I'm a part of the furniture!

This morning I started at 10:00 and continued with the last few modules of the production safety course. Brilliant.

I then had an interesting tour of the building. It's a lot smaller than BBC Bristol where I had my training, but I can't complain because that means that there will be less chance of me getting lost!

I also began researching some stories, which I could hopefully cover during my time at the BBC.

I managed to find some great information on local musicians and events in Leicester and wrote down a few of my own ideas for what I would like to do over the next few weeks.


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