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BBC Introducing... Roots from Leicester

By Tay Joseph
Blast Reporter for BBC Leicester

Roots believes there should be a stronger unity in Leicester's creative scene

Where are you based?

"IN LC" - Leicester City

What got you into music?

Curiosity really. I was in a Gospel Choir back in the day and that was the first stepping stone in realising I'd want to do something musically creative.

From there I waited a long while until college when I was surrounded by MCs and decided to try it.

Four years, three name changes and two CDs later, here I am.

How would you describe your style?

Well as of now, I'm going through a transition.

For years I've been doing music as Roots or R Double O and I've been restricted to the stereotypes of typical Grime and Hip Hop.

I think for my new style I'll brand as, me. Adventurous, emotional and diverse.

I have yet to fully create what I feel is real music, that can inspire others the way my musical influences have inspired me.

Leicester Town Hall

Who or what is your greatest influence?

OutKast by far. I think at one point I could have been their hype man or backing singer because I knew all of their lyrics off by heart.

Other artists that helped influence me are Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Gnarls Barkley and The Neptunes.

Where do you usually produce your music?

In local community studios such as Watershed, the same ones where my music started years back.

What do you make of the music scene in Leicestershire and Rutland?

I think the music scene is growing quite rapidly. There's talent around EVERY corner.

Leicester Murkery (a live recorded showcase of talent) highlighted only a small fraction of how much undercover talent there is in Leicestershire.

It's only a matter of time before other cities start fully noticing us.

What do you do when your not making music?

Well I hate being idle to be honest, holidays from university are really just more time to put towards projects.

I'd love to claim the title of graphic designer or photographer but I'm not accomplished enough for that YET. I'm a developing artist.

If you could change one thing about Leicestershire what would it be?

The lack of unity between people within the creative scene and also the lack of genuine support from councils.

What would your dream venue be like?

The headline act at a theatre and being able to communicate with an audience of thousands, with the accompaniment of a live orchestra and the stage visually kitted out to make it more than just a performance.


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