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BBC Introducing... Produkty from Leicester


Where are you based?

We are all currently based in sunny Leicester. Originally we are two parts South Wigston, one part Braunstone and one part North London.

How did you get together?

Through various mutual loves of music, drinking, dancing and socialising. We've all known each other for years and decided the time was right to unleash ourselves unto the world.

The chemistry was instantaneous. After our very first rehearsal together we heard the news that Michael Jackson had died, and took this as an omen that there was a vacuum left in the world of pop for us to fill.

In a previous incarnation of the band, we played a couple of gigs under another name, but a trademark infringement challenge meant we were forced to change to Produkty.

Produkty on stage at The Musician, Leicester

Who or what are your greatest influences?

We all have a wide range of musical loves and hates, but a mutual admiration of Joy Division, Pixies and Muse amongst many more bands too numerous to mention here, and songs of love, despair, anguish, anger, defiance, spirit and pain unites us all.

But we're a very happy bunch really- music is the best way to banish your demons!

What do you do when you're not making music?

Listen to music, drink, dance, socialise, ponder the mysteries of the universe, try to survive mundane day jobs, get angry and rant about stuff.

What do you make of the music scene in Leicestershire and Rutland?

There are some good bands around, but it seems to be increasingly hard for what remains of Leicester's venues to get any kind of scene going to create a buzz, which doesn't help bands at all.

Leicester now seems to have all but disappeared off of the national musical radar, and is in danger of becoming a creative backwater.

A bit of foresight would have made people realise that Leicester already had it's 'cultural quarters', and trying to artificially create a new one whilst bulldozing others is just killing creativity and stifling independence.

Thankfully there are still a few people around trying their hardest to get bands on at new and interesting venues, and hopefully this will bring Leicester's music scene off the life-support machine.

Are you set to release anything soon?

We have recently released our second EP, 'Fat Nerves', and will be heading into the studio to record the follow up soon.

All the greatest cities in the world incorporate their history into their future, but not here, it seems
Produkty, Leicester band

Best gig so far?

We recently played a gig in Budapest which was amazing - beautiful city, amazing venue, lovely people, and everyone had a great time.

And worse?

A gig at Sumo once got so delayed that by the time we got to going on stage we had unfortunately indulged in far too much of the local pop, leading to the inevitable but faintly hilarious useless drunken set.

We have it on video, just to remind us what a bad idea it is, should we ever be tempted again.

If you could change one thing about Leicestershire what would it be?

There are many, many things we'd like to change, but most of all we'd like the Pump N Tap and Bowstring Bridge to be rebuilt, following their outrageous and unjust destruction.

All the greatest cities in the world incorporate their history into their future, but not here, it seems.

Most embarrassing music related moment?

Apart from the shambolic gig at Sumo, everything else has gone quite swimmingly really. That's probably put the kiss of death on that one then.

What would your dream venue be like?

A cool, smoking, Rock and Roll venue on the moon would be nice.

The view would be lovely, and it would be nice to be far, far away from it all.

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