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BBC Introducing... Buenos Aires from Leicester

Buenos Aires

Where are the band from?

We hail from Leicester; we were all born and raised here, and we also went to college together.

How did you get together?

We were all in different bands before, and got talking about doing something a little different.

I think there was an amount of musical frustration lurking about, and Buenos started as a medium for us to release that.

We started writing and playing together, then did some gigs, and it kind of took off from there.

Pretty soon we knew it was what we wanted to focus our attention on, and we've been doing so for a couple of years now.

Who or what are your greatest influences?

We each have our own influences, although I think a lot of them are mutual as well, for example the likes of Reuben, Biffy Clyro, Minus The Bear, Million Dead, Alexisonfire are all massive influences.

Buenos Aires

What do you do when you're not making music?

Matt studies Music Technology at De Montfort University and works in Firebug bar in Leicester, Nathan studies Business Finance at Durham University, Cem studies Literature and Philosophy at UEA, and Jake works full time.

What do you make of the music scene in Leicestershire and Rutland?

Interesting how Rutland is included, don't really hear much about local music from there!

Anyway, the scene around here is thriving at the moment. There are some amazingly talented bands, making some pretty incredible music, but a lot of them seem to sit almost below the 'local cultural radar'.

A good example is Maybeshewill, good friends of ours, who this year were the 577th most listened to band (according to Last.fm).

Apparently that's higher than Athlete, Dizzee Rascal, and Ian Brown, yet most people in Leicester don't know who they are.

Their music isn't exactly inaccessible; it just shows how easy it is to go unnoticed in your local scene.

We're privileged to have such a diverse network of musicians and bands though, and our scene is definitely flourishing.

Keep an eye out for bands like These Furrows, Bronze Age, Arms of Atlas and Speaking In Italics, we'd bet on them making a bit of an impact this year.

Where have you toured? Do you have any singles, EPs or albums out?

So far we've played in Nottingham, Derby, Rugby, Loughborough, Peterborough, and Brighton, as well as Leicester of course.

We released an EP last year, called 'A Landscape To A Blind Man's Eye' on Robot Needs Home Records, and this year we've done a 4 track demo CD.

We're currently writing and planning for our next release.

Best gig so far?

Buenos Aires
I'll tell you what, tell you what, I'm a winner today. I'll buy a lightening bolt and shimmer it in every which way
Buenos Aires' favourite lyrics

One of our favourites was our show in Brighton with Maybeshewill, not only for the gig, but the trip down there.

We went on the beach and threw pebbles at each other, it was quite enjoyable.

And worse?

Probably a gig we played in Rugby; Matt was horrendously ill and nearly passed out mid set. Post set he had to go and sit in his car until he felt well enough to drive home. Not a pleasant one really.

If you could change one thing about Leicestershire what would it be?

We'd put it on the coast.

What's been your most embarrassing music themed moment?

Any show that has involved us consuming Buckfast before and after we've played. We either end up with wounded faces (Cem) or falling over drum kits mid-set (Jake).

What's the best line you've ever written?

It'd probably have to be, "I'll tell you what, tell you what, I'm a winner today. I'll buy a lightening bolt and shimmer it in every which way".

Is fashion important to the band?

We think it is, because it isn't. Like I guess we question each other's fashion choices sometimes, usually in jest, but it's definitely not a hot topic within the band. Because of that we retain our own individuality, which I think is cool.

Who is your biggest fan?

Probably either John from Maybeshewill/Robot Needs Home Records, who liked us enough to let us release a CD on his record label and book us a bunch of cool gigs, or the pairing of Millie and Ailise, whom Matt works with.

They sing our songs out loud quite a lot, and plug us to all their friends, which is incredibly nice of them.


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