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BBC Introducing: Black Page Turns

Mike from Black Page Turns

Where are the band from?

The band are mainly me (lead singer-songwriter Mike Sales), Jon and Dave from Leicester, but are also a collective of people from around the UK.

I originally came up with the idea of doing a virtual band that didn't rely on people being in the same place and by sharing ideas via the web, some members only actually met each other after nine months at our CD launch!

Other contributors are Jay Barton from Derby and Ben Ridley from Sheffield.

How did you get together?

We met through my previous band The Authentics and then used friends-of-friends and other contacts met through online forums and gigging around the UK to set the band in motion.

Black Page Turns

Who or what are your greatest influences?

Musically, I really like Foo Fighters, Korn, Coheed and Cambria, Gorillaz, Iron Maiden and Lost Prophets.

And I find inspiration from all things around me including friends, relationships, films, the media, news and politics.

I enjoy writing metaphorically so that multiple meanings can be garnered from one song, one line or even just a few words.

What do you do when you're not making music?

My second passion is film and I have dabbled with writing my own James Bond film theme with some musician friends so I'd love to have a go at writing a soundtrack for a movie or make longer, more story-inspired music videos.

I also really like Clint Mansell who sound-tracked Requiem for a Dream and 2009 movie Moon.

That said, if inspiration strikes I always have a guitar at hand and have a bad habit of picking up guitars too if I'm at someone else's house!

What do you make of the music scene in Leicestershire and Rutland?

Black Page Turns promo
I tend to leave it to listeners to decipher their own meaning from my songs
Mike Sales, Black Page Turns

With the demise of The Charlotte it looked like it was going to suffer a fatal blow.

However, I think the musicians in the area found alternative ways and perhaps more exciting methods to promote their band's music.

Also, with different venues getting in on the act, the void was quickly filled and I recommend any readers to check out Arms of Atlas, Bronze Age, Mr. Plow, Kill Chaos, Autohype and Charlie and the Martyrs, amongst others, to see the wealth of talent still out there.

Where have you toured? Do you have any singles, EPs or albums out?

Currently I am hoping to arrange some live shows for 2010 but as the band has been mainly studio based, we've done a launch night for our new video here and have three EPs out.

Over Christmas the band will release an online-only free single download called Superhero Save Me. The backing vocals were done by about a dozen fans who came to the studio one day so that made the total members of the band to over 20 I think!

Best gig so far?

The launch went really well and I've had some great feedback from the CDs we've released and acoustic shows I've played, but hope to take the live shows across the UK next year.

And worse?

In previous band The Authentics (who now make up 50% of Black Page Turns) our eBay-bought van lost a wing mirror, lock, speedometer, an ignition and then eventually succumbed to clutch and gearbox failure in just ONE week; so we had to be ferried back to Leicester from Brighton by kind friends!

If you could change one thing about Leicestershire what would it be?

Black Page Turns performing at The Hub
Mike has performed acoustic gigs, including at The Hub in Leicester

More people at gigs - there's loads of great music and bands out there but 19 million people would rather watch X Factor than go down their local pub/music venue.

It's frustrating for musicians no matter what genre you are in.

What's been your most embarrassing music themed moment?

I fell off stage this year at an acoustic show which hasn't happened before. Luckily it was during the sound check and I only hurt my ego… and brain!

What's the best line you've ever written?

That's a tough one. In 'Black Page Turns', I like the way the following line rolls off the tongue: "A shaft of light illuminated all those covered in shade", but 'Stand Up for the Little Guy' is the most autobiographical song I have written in a long time about a particular incident in Leicester.

I tend to leave it to listeners to decipher their own meaning from my songs though.

Is fashion important to the band?

Have you seen us? Ha ha!

I don't think it is although we have had a review that commented that three of the band had the same belt buckles on - when it was in fact just a picture of me Photoshopped to show me three times!

I guess they didn't get the virtual element of the band.


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