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Exploring Leicester high streets past and present
West Walk, Leicester
Comparing past and present: Ned Trifle took this shot of West Walk in Leicester

BBC Leicester is looking at how your local high street has changed with Turn Back Time: Your High Street.

UK high streets are going back in time this autumn as part of an exciting new BBC Learning Hands on History project and landmark BBC One series.

We are encouraging families to engage with local history by uploading your photograph to the BBC's Flickr group.

We would like you to share your pictures of your high street to compare how things have changed over time.

BBC Learning campaign executive Nina Bell said, "This is a fantastic opportunity to bring history alive and give everyone a chance to celebrate their high street."

Submit your photographs

Share the memories of your high street by taking pictures of what it looks like now compared with older pictures you may own.

Leicester Railway Station
Leicester Railway Station

This can be done by holding a new picture up against the old picture, digitally merging the old picture with the new, or simply placing them side-by-side and taking another snap.

Once you have decided how you would like to show them add them to our Flickr group so that they can be shared and documented as your contribution to local history.

The group also provides a few tips and ideas for help when taking the pictures.

Memories of Narborough Road

The Turn Back Time project aims to bring to life the recent history of our high streets, as told through local peoples' experiences and archive footage.

Narborough Road in the early 1900s
Bring your images and videos of Narborough Road past to the BBC bus

With this in mind, the BBC Bus will be stopping off in Leicester and opening its doors to anyone who wants to bring along their old images or video footage of the local shops and businesses on Narborough Road.

The bus will be based at The Huntsman from Monday 13 until Friday 17 December 2010.

BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth worked in his father's shop on Narborough Road in the 1970s and has seen the high street change over the years.

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