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Homeless people from Leicester star in new play
Homeless person asking for help
'Dead End Street' hopes to change negative views of homeless people.

A group of current and former homeless people are putting on a play in Leicester about sleeping rough.

'Dead End Street' will be on in the city for just one night at the National Spiritualist Church in December 2010.

It tells the story of five homeless men who get back on their feet after landing their dream jobs.

The play, written, produced and directed by Kirti Joshi from Belgrave, aims to change negative perceptions of homeless people.

Paul Thomas, from Mowmacre Hill, plays one of the lead roles in the play.

He was homeless six years ago before getting his life back on track.

"Even if this gets a couple of people to change their minds about homeless people, I'll know I've made a difference."

Changing perceptions

Andre, age 53, was thrown out of his partner's home after they split up and he lost his job.

"They are not all alcoholics and druggies, they are there for all sorts of reasons.

I've met one person who had a masters degree from Cambridge and he was sleeping rough - it was so shocking
Kirti Joshi, play director

"I met a guy who had his own business and owned two houses but then lost it all. Unfortunately that's just the way life runs for some people".

Kirti, who is a volunteer at local homelessness charity The Dawn Centre, says she has based 'Dead End Street' on educated people, because she believes homelessness can happen to anybody.

"It doesn't matter if you're educated or not, it has nothing to do with that.

"I've met one person who had a masters degree from Cambridge and he was sleeping rough - it was so shocking."

She said the recent announcement of council budget cuts was worrying; "I think the problem of homelessness in Leicester will only get worse next year."

'Dead End Street' will show at the National Spiritualist Church on 18 December 2010, and all proceeds will go towards helping to feed homeless people in Leicester over Christmas.

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