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Profile: Tim Crowther
Tim Crowther

About Me

Starsign: Scorpio

Grew up in: Warley Town, a small village on the western fringe of Halifax. A bit too close to the Lancashire border, but I really had no say in it...

First job: I left the City of Leeds College of Music (now located next door to BBC Radio Leeds, but then opposite the Merrion Centre) to earn my way in life... and my first job was washing BBC Radio Leeds' radio car.

Earned six quid in my first week and thought... aha, big mistake! Things started to look up from week two onwards. Must have made a good job?

First car: A red Renault 6, which ground to a permanent halt on my way to an interview at BBC Radio Leicester. Was two hours late and the interview panel had gone home when I eventually arrived. I didn't get the job.

First record bought: (Oh heck... no street cred here...) Rolf Harris, "Two Little Boys".

First kiss: I'm sure it was memorable at the time, but I can't recall now!

My Favourite Things

Food: Joe Maiden and I share a love of chocolate cake - and many of our Sunday morning listeners have provided. Thank you!

Drink: Fond of the occasional malt.

Place in West Yorkshire: Out of the cities... I'm a country boy at heart.

TV show: Coronation Street - especially the comedic moments which I believe are a match for anything.

Music Act: James Taylor - the primary influence on my guitar playing style.

Thing in your wardrobe: My motorcycle helmet... part of my great escape!

Possession: My collection of guitars - from basses to acoustics to electrics. Love 'em!

Heroes (fave people): My daughters, all three of whom have brain power way beyond their parentage!

Zeroes (least fave people): I don't have any enemies, and try not to make any.

Hobbies/Interests: Yep - you've guessed it... making music and riding my motorbike! Not yet found a way to combine the two...

Best Radio Moment: Interviewing PM Margaret Thatcher... one real scary moment, but certainly a rung on my broadcasting ladder.

And Finally...

What would you be if you weren't on the radio? Hopefully on the telly - broadcasting's in my blood. However, I'm told I've got the ideal face for radio.


You can contact Tim by email: tim.crowther@bbc.co.uk

Listen Again to Tim and Joe Maiden here


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