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Profile: Daragh Corcoran

Daragh Corcoran

What do you love about your job?

Connecting with the good people of West Yorkshire. Meeting people in the four corners of the county and hearing their stories.

People like Barbara and Valerie in Garforth and their brilliant collection of "potty people".

Or Peter Doyle from Burley in Leeds who told me the story of why he hasn't got a belly button. Its amazing the number of things I've learned over the few years doing this job. Did you know you can produce wine from grapes grown in the Holme Valley?

Did you know there's a street in Scholes near Huddersfield called 'Little Cake'? I do like a little cake. A French Fancy or a slice of Battenburg please.

Who's been your most memorable guest and why?

One of the best ones was John Utley. I was doing a series called 'Jobs you thought were gone'. He's a farrier who works in Denby Dale, one of the few left in West Yorkshire.

Well I had a great chat to him on the 'phone and John gave me directions to the forge. I normally give my mobile to people I'm coming to visit with the comment "just in case there's a problem".

John's reply reminded why I love Yorkshire and its straight talking people: "Never mind about that - I'll be here, unless I'm dead!"

What's been your worst moment on-air?

Quite recent this one. I arranged a jolly chat with a group of students in Huddersfield about what made them study in the town and how they were finding their feet. This was to be live at 7.45 in the morning.

Well I should have realised that early mornings and students are not a good mix. Only one turned up and he was very a bit disorientated. I asked him live on air where the others were and he faithfully reported that one of them didn't know what 7 in the morning was and the other was "p****d off" that he's been banging on his door.

Luckily Andrew Edwards jumped in to apologise for the strong language (young children will be listening around that time) and I wanted the ground to open up beneath me. Bizarrely I bumped into a former colleague a few days later who said the whole thing sounded great and refreshingly honest!

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?

I'd wanted to interview Tony Benn for some years and was lucky enough to have that opportunity. I asked him if he was such a rebel why did he shut down the pirates when he was the Minister in charge of the GPO. "Because they were breaking the law" was his diplomatic answer.

Jack Charlton was my other dream interviewee. A Leeds United hero and the man who gave Ireland world cup football TWICE!! I was over the moon when he turned up for a Flashback special from Bradford Park Avenue's football ground. He was brilliant and openly admitted he'd gone to Bradford City by mistake.

If you were hosting a dinner party, who would you invite (present and historical figures allowed) and what would you cook?

I don't host dinner parties but if I had a choice of how should come round for their tea:

Bill Bryson - he's one of my favourite authors. Very funny in print although he might be a bit quiet because I've never met him before.

Trevor Gibbons - from the BBC Leeds online pages. Trevor knows me and I know him and he tells a very good story. Plus he would probably bring some of his very good real ale.

Diana Rigg - Brilliant in The Avengers and the Bond movie. She might be a bit quiet as well but we could get her going if we talked about the sixties a lot.

Gabby Yorath - she's very good on the telly and if I ran out of questions she could chip in.

Your favourite place in West Yorkshire?

A toss up between Harewood Bank looking towards the Wharfe Valley or Lepton Moor looking towards Castle Hill and Huddersfield. Of course Elland Road on a European night is my favourite place in the world - as Russ Abbot would say "oh what an atmosphere".

How do you relax?

Browsing used car prices on the Autotrader or watching Lost on the telly.

What's your worst habit?

Putting dark items in the white wash.


You can contact Daragh by email: daragh.corcoran@bbc.co.uk

Listen Again to Daragh on Flashback here

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