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Theatre holds bankers to account in topical new play
Crash - will we all be raiding our piggy banks soon?

Art and culture is meant to reflect the times it's created in and the latest production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse does exactly that.

Crash addresses the ethical questions around the credit crunch and bankers' bonuses.

The play also tackles what the author sees as society's unhealthy obsession with wealth.

The timing is immaculate with the imminent publication of the government's Spending Review.

With the Spending Review fast approaching, The Institute of Fiscal Studies' damning report of the Government's 'progressive budget' and the bonus season just around the corner, Nicholson's play looks to a very uncertain future through the eyes of three reunited 'friends'.

Nick is a Goldman Sachs securities trader who has it all: Houses, apartments, land, cars, women, art, money and much more.

Then there's Humphrey, an artist with strong ideals who's married to Christine, a teacher and the only woman that Nick has ever truly loved. Reunited when Nick 'invests' in a piece of Humphrey's art, old insecurities resurface but this time with much stronger undercurrents - morality, entitlement, envy and love.

When Humphrey and Christine begin to scrutinize the ethics of Nick's finances and the morality of benefiting from his fortune, Nick is ready for a fight. It's his money, he worked hard for it and he's entitled to it! So as Nick banks his just rewards it leaves only one question: just how much is anybody really worth?

The play is the work of William Nicholson, a playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and an acclaimed novelist. His work includes the play and screenplay Shadowlands (about the writer C.S. Lewis) which received the Evening Standard drama award for best play in 1990 alongside its Oscar nomination.

His screenwriting credits include Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Gladiator. His plays include The Retreat From Moscow and Map Of The Heart. His latest novel, All The Hopeful Lovers is published this month.

Crash is on at the Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse from Saturday 16 October to Saturday 13 November 2010.


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