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Snow is good news for wildlife photographer Paul Miguel
Paul Miguel
Paul Miguel
Wildlife photographer

A wintry robin Pic: Paul Miguel
Even in the depths of winter the robin will still sing its heart out

When it's snowing most people's natural inclination, if they can, is to head indoors and seek out warmth.

However Paul Miguel grabs his camera gear, dons warm clothing and heads out to take pictures.

Paul Miguel has been living in Leeds for 10 years.

He started to dabble with cameras after taking a degree in Zoology, now photography and writing about the landscape is his living.

Paul says:

"The first thing I think about when I see it snowing is 'great let's go and get some pictures'.

"The conditions we've had recently were great for me, although you have to be careful and very well wrapped up. You have got to be prepared to take pictures because you never know how long any of the weather is going to last.

Kingfisher Pic: Paul Miguel
kingfishers really struggle to catch fish if rivers start to freeze over.

Golden Acre

"Golden Acre Park is a great place for bird pictures there is a established feeding station and the birds are so tame you can stand there taking pictures.

"Golden Acre in bad weather is mainly host to small birds and you can see a lot of bright-coloured jays that make a great photo.

"During the winter the need for food reduces the birds' 'fear circle' and you can get close enough to snap away.

Bounces light

"Snow is fantastic to shoot in - especially while the snow is falling. When it covers the ground snow acts like a reflector that bounces light back up - it's really helpful.

"You don't have to have expensive equipment even with a compact camera with a zoom lens you can get a shot. With a digital camera you can quickly see the results.

Boxing deer pic: Paul Miguel
Red deer hinds boxing with their front legs to establish the pecking order.

"A garden with bird feeders is good to get pictures. You can even stand in the kitchen and have a go shooting through the glass, it's warmer!

"Wildlife photography is my first love and also landscapes and anything in nature. So I am glad that I moved to Yorkshire, I love the Dales and I never get bored of finding new locations for pictures.

"I could spend a whole lifetime photographing the landscape."

You can find winter photography tips on Paul's blog .

All pictures on this page are by Paul Miguel.


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