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A littering fine from the future
Richard Greaves and his letter
Richard with the letter showing his 'future' fine

Richard Greaves couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the date on his littering fine from Leeds City Council.

The £75 fine stated that he had dropped litter on Pontefract Lane in Leeds on Monday 29 November, the letter is dated Monday 8 November.

Richard said: "First I was upset then when I noticed the date it all turned into a joke.

"I fell about laughing."

Richard, a mobile chiropodist, told BBC Radio Leeds that after he received the fine, on Thursday 11 November, he contacted Leeds City Council.

Speaking to the BBC the council admitted it made a mistake with the date of the fine but that there is a witness to Mr Greaves throwing a cigarette stub out of his vehicle.

Serious issue

The council further added that litter is a serious issue for Leeds and cost a lot of money to clean up.

Richard admitted: "I do smoke and I do drive a lot and I'm not saying I didn't do it.

"All I'm trying to say is when you are dealing with things like this you should get it right."

Most cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate that can take a long time to break down.

Despite finding the mistake funny, the fine letter has had an effect on Richard.

"It is a bad habit and I won't be doing it again."


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