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3D mapping and rating the happiness of Leeds
Bring the Happy map
Taking a closer look at the map

A group of artists is trying to map the happiness of the inhabitants of Leeds.

Invisible Flock is three Leeds-based interactive artists Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton.

In an empty shop unit the installation entitled Bring the Happy will collect and map the city's happiness over two months onto a giant 3D map.

Visitors to the exhibition can remember a happy personal memory, record where it happened and rate the happiness of the event on their own 1 - 10 scale.

The numerical rating is then used to produce a length of glass rod that is placed on the large map in the location of the memory. The higher the memory rating the longer the rod.

Undulating Leeds

Eventually the artists hope to create an undulating Leeds map of happiness with the help of visitors.

Elland Road stadium
Is this one of the happier places on the map?

Artist Richard Warburton who was born in the city and grew up in Meanwood said:

"There have been about 100 memories added to the map so far and we've already got some hot spots. Elland Road and St Jimmy's are already populated with happy memories.

Invisible Flock hope that there map will eventually contain thousands of memories.

"We are happy to see the results whatever they are and turn Leeds into a piece of art."

What will happen when the exhibition and the installation has left the shop is still uncertain. A representation of the map will be online but the artists are still unsure if there will be a permanent home for the actual 3D map.

Broken society

Richard thinks the whole event is a way of spreading some happiness around.

"We are sick of hearing we are a broken society. We are happy to see an animated city answering the question 'What is happiness?'

"People are free to respond how they want to."

And be warned, Invisible Flock will be performing 'happy interventions' in areas that their map suggests are lacking in generating happy memories.

So what moment would Richard choose to put on the map?

"Well, I've so many memories but my happy moment for the map was at Roundhay Park after seeing Pulp at a free concert. I rate that happiness a nine."

Bring the Happy is open (10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday) until Friday 19 November 2010 at Unit 10, The Light.

Bring the Happy is made by Invisible Flock with support from Arts Council England, Artforms, Leeds City Council, Art in Unusual Spaces, The Light, The image group and Vitae Selection.

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