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Chelsea Flower Show features Leeds canal lock
Leeds' Chelseas Flower Show Garden
The model of Leeds' garden was on show in the city centre.

A Leeds show garden will represent the city again at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010.

This year's garden design is based around a set of canal gates on the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Leeds City Council has seen all seven previous Chelsea gardens, the first was entered in 1997, earning bronze or silver category awards.

Four of these past garden designs can still be visited at sites around the city.

Alex Belfield will broadcast his BBC Radio Leeds mid-morning show live from Chelsea on Monday, 24 May between 9am and noon.
(Listen live on this website or on 92.4FM, 95.3FM and DAB.)

Leeds liverpool canal
A working lock on the Leeds Liverpool, to raise or lower the water level.

This year's design is based on celebrating the green spaces linking the city centre to the countryside in and around Leeds.

The team has chosen a snapshot of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal as the basis for the garden design, with the centrepiece being a pair of 12-feet high lock gates.

The gates and the canal are flanked by three distinct sections - woodland, wetland and a floral meadow - all of which can be found in green spaces in Leeds.

Floral displays

Plans for the city's latest Chelsea garden entry have been displayed in the city centre.

Staff from the council's Parks and Countryside Service, that have created the HESCO Garden 2010, were on a stand in the Victoria Quarter featuring small floral displays and a model of the completed garden.

Leeds and Liverpool canal
The canal is 127 miles long
It passes through 91 locks and joins the Aire and Calder Navigation in Leeds

The garden will be on display at Chelsea during May.

Sean Flesher, who is managing the project for the council says:

"The whole team is hugely excited to be building our largest and most ambitious Chelsea Flower Show garden yet, so it would be fantastic if people come along during the day, take a look and ask any questions they may have and then go home and spread the word to their family and friends about what we are doing."

Chelsea Flower Show

The garden will be on show at Chelsea Flower Show from May 25-29 in the elite show garden category, alongside gardens designed by some of the biggest names in the horticulture industry.

The Chelsea event, held annually in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in London, attracts over 150,000 visitors from all over the globe as well as receiving extensive media coverage.

History of Leeds at Chelsea

2010 HESCO Garden
Based on celebrating the green spaces linking the city centre to the countryside in and around Leeds. Representations of lock gates and the Leeds and Liverpool canal are flanked by three distinct sections - woodland, wetland and a floral meadow.

2009 HESCO Garden
A rain garden themed around climate-change and flood alleviation, following on from the floods in the summer of 2007.
Award: Silver Gilt Flora.
Location: To be added to the Gardens of the World section at Roundhay Park.

2008 The Largest Room in the House
Marked 90 years since the end of the First World War. Named after Talbot House in Belgium, used by British soldiers, including many from Leeds, as a place of peace and rest from the trenches.
Award: Silver Gilt Flora.
Location: The 'Gardens of the World'

2007 Scent of a Roman
In honour of the Roman roots and influence found in Leeds and Yorkshire. Inspiration was the archaeological and historical evidence of a Roman settlement in Leeds.
Award: Silver Flora.
Legacy: Plans are in place for the garden to be planted in Gardens of the World.

2006 Leeds City Council Garden
A testament to the success of the city that leads nationally in commerce and regeneration, and the partnership between the City Council and developers.
Award: Bronze Flora.
Legacy: A replica of the garden was planted at the White Rose Office Park.

2004 From Freedom to the Future
A deeply symbolic garden in honour of 10 years of democracy in South Africa and Nelson Mandela.
Award: Bronze Flora.
Legacy: The garden was replanted in Mandela Gardens in the city.

1998 In Regio Loidis
"In the district of Leeds" was inspired by the romance of gardening in Yorkshire down the years. With its origins in the apothecaries' gardens of Yorkshire's monasteries and hermitages.
Award: Silver Gilt Flora.
Legacy: The plants were distributed to various parks around Leeds.

1997 A Garden of Harmony
The aim was to demonstrate how a dynamic mix of elements can grow together in harmony, reflecting the development of Leeds as a vibrant, modern European city. Inspired by Feng Shui.
Award: Silver Flora.
Legacy: The garden was planted in Canal Gardens opposite Roundhay Park.

Chelsea Flower Show Leeds' story
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