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Take your pick of Leeds' markets

Kirkgate Market
The Edwardian fittings are quite spectacular... they include the city's coat of arms (compare this with the 100 year-old postcard below)

It is a good time to take an online look round Kirkgate market.

With a Leeds City Council meeting being lobbied on the future of Kirkgate Market and a public meeting in April to launch Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market . The meeting called by a group of customers, traders and citizens hopes to help the market's survival as a place for shoppers to use and be proud of.

In an era of ever increasing blandness in the shopping 'experience' and the spread of 'clone towns', to have a bustling, city-centre market that is also an architectural treat is worth celebrating.

Despite recent concerns over the viability of some market stalls Kirkgate Market is still an impressive site inside and out.

Kirkgate Market
It's a tempting time looking round the market in Leeds

The building is on the site of the Leeds Vicarage and croft that, in the 1820s, became a cattle market and eventually the site of the largest retail market in Europe.

The design of the first market hall, built in 1857 on this site, was inspired by the Crystal Palace (erected in London to host the Great Exhibition of 1851).

Kirkgate Market was also the site of a penny bazaar, a single stall, that was to grew into the renowned Marks and Spencer retail empire.

Then in 1904 the present building on Vicar Lane was erected and its domes still stand out against the city's skyscape.

The market doesn't just consist of the main market hall, there is also a modern market extension, and an outdoor market is held between the main site and the coach station. That outdoor market is also site of a farmers' market two Sundays a month.

Farmers' market
The farmers' market is held twice a month in Leeds

Kirkgate isn't the only market in the Leeds area there are also markets at Otley, Pudsey and Yeadon.

The markets in the centre of Pudsey and Yeadon are much smaller operations although providing valuable chances to shop locally.

Otley's market is a bigger affair that spills into Kirkgate and at its best can fill the market place.


Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 17:00

Kirkgate open market
There are general stalls each market day (except Wednesday) as well as

Pudsey Market
Running the flower stall at Pudsey

Monday: second-hand clothing
Tuesday: general retail trades
Thursday: flea market and general trades
Friday/Saturday: general trades

Kirkgate Farmers' market
First and third Sunday of every month 09:00 - 14:00.

Otley market
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Pudsey market
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Yeadon market

This historic postcard (below) shows a view of the main market hall just five years after it was built - the fashions may have changed but the building hasn't altered too much.

Kirkgate Market
The wonders of Kirkgate Market in 1909 suitable for a postcard

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