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Fancy a work of art for the wall?
Self Portrait with Legs (pic: Sarah Francis)
Sarah says "... I want to show that pictures can hold secrets."

A life-size bronze sculpture by Giacometti has sold at auction in the UK for the world-record price of £65m.

But if you fancy a piece of relatively affordable art you could take a look at On Your Wall, Leeds Met Gallery's fourth selling weekend.

Around 24 selected artists will be showing work and the majority of artists features are based in Leeds.

The art includes images of Leeds, etchings, paintings on canvas, prints on fabric and ceramic objects.

Prices range from £20 to around the £1000.

Sarah Francis is one of the featured artists. Sarah is half-way through a MA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds, after a first degree in Photography and it is her photographs that will be in On Your Wall. She explained to BBC Leeds just what it means to her.

Pole (Pic: Sarah Francis)
It is Sarah's first exhibition in Leeds, this picture is called Pole.

"It is my first time exhibiting in Leeds and it's a real chance to showcase my work. Everyone will have a chance to see it and that's the thrill.

"Selling my work is not the main motivation, it is not why I do it. It's not the be all and end all.

"Most of my pictures are self-portraits, even if you don't recognise me in it. So I shoot the pictures for myself and it is quite cathartic.

"I want to bring the magic back into photography. Everybody has access to a camera now but I want to show that pictures can hold secrets. I like people to look at my picture then do a double-take and look closer.

"I have done some landscapes, with me somewhere in the picture, and people have missed me entirely. Then maybe a glimpse of something out of the corner of their eye catches them and makes them come back and take another look.

"I use a camera and a timer, so there is no image manipulation at all with my pictures.

"I use black and white or colour depending on my mood. Sometimes colour can be distracting so I use monochrome. But you can also get real colour and feeling into to pictures.

"I like to loiter around when the pictures are on show and gauge how people react to my pictures, how they look, and for how long, at the images. It is the best way to find out how your art is working. I like to call it 'research'."

The artists

Chair by Richard Baker (detail)
Richard Baker's paintings evolved through an interest in modernist design

Huw Andrews, Victoria Ashworth, Richard Baker, Chris Campbell, Nick Cass, Emma Fotherby, Sarah Francis, Janis Goodman, Sarah Hardacre, Hayley Hobden, Georgina Isaac, Mikael Larsson, Alison Lomas, Edward Park, Mark Powell, Jeanette Slingsby, Rachel Spiers, Emily Stubbs, Paul Sucksmith, Joanna Thompson, Laura Traver, and Alex Witt.

Exhibition details

On Your Wall will be in Unit 22 (next to Head), Ground floor, Leeds Shopping Plaza

Thursday, 11 March (12-7pm)
Friday, 12 and Saturday, 13 March (12-6pm)
Sunday, 14 March (12-4pm)




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