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First Click: Linda Nolan gets online for the first time

The BBC First Click campaign aims to help the 9.2 million people in the UK who do not currently use the internet get online.

Blackpool lass Linda Nolan is one such person, desperate to get online like her sisters, who have been encouraging her to do the same.

At the moment her brother has to print emails off for her and then take them round to her house!

So Linda recently spent a day learning how to take her first online steps.

Before getting her hands on the mouse

"I've watched people doing it, but I haven't done it myself.

Linda Nolan outside the Council for Voluntary Service in Blackpool

"For the work I'm in, everything is done by email now. I want to be able to go 'yeh this is my email address'.

"I want to be able not to have to use the telephone and spend hours going 'push button one for that and this'.

"I'm frightened I'm going to crash the computer system or something.

"I'm frightened I'm going to show myself up!

"I'm excited though as well because I think it's going to be brilliant.

"I think I'm going to regret that I didn't do it years ago."

Halfway through the course

"It was very nerve-wracking to begin with.

Linda Nolan sitting at a computer

"I think I'm more relaxed because I know that if I get stuck I can call and [tutor] Lorraine will be here to help me out.

"I'm using search engines at the moment. For us computer-literate people, we that know means Google and all of that palaver.

"It's great I'm loving it, I really am."

After the course

"Initially it was really scary, I was scared.

Linda with her certificate for completing the course

"I think I was more worried about making a fool of myself you know because I'm so computer illiterate, but Lorraine the tutor was fabulous.

"She showed me the basics and then, although she disappeared from sight, whenever anything happened she miraculously there to go 'no that's wrong actually, you do it this way' and explained it all.

"I've got a certificate!

"I shall phone all of my family this evening and tell them how clever their sister actually is."

A message to others who want to get online

"The people that are here to help you are fabulous.

"They make you feel you're not an idiot.

Linda Nolan

"It's a lot easier when you sit down and start doing it.

"It's actually a lot easier than you think it's going to be, so go for it.

"Get the bit between your teeth and go for it because already I'm thrilled and I know that I'm going to love it."

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First Click coincides with Get Online Week, a national initiative which runs from 18 to 24 October.

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