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Presenter profile: Brett Davison

Brett Davison

Rather like me , the idea of the show is very simple.. It's THE place in Lancashire to get a comprehensive round up of all the days events... but it's also SO much more than that!

It's for you, it's about you... and every weekday afternoon from 4pm I'd love to hear from you.

It's a programme where we can laugh together; sometimes we cry as well - but we'll always bring you the news that matters. We are there when you need us, in times of crisis and when the big stories break I make sure you get fully informed.

But that's not all we do…

We try and keep you well entertained along the way... and what a time we've had on the programme recently!

Some of my recent on-air tasks have included looking after my very own baby doll, learning to ride a scooter, getting a tattoo and even building a den right here in the studio... and that's not the half of it.

In fact every other day I seem to be presented with some kind of challenge purely designed to make me a laughing stock. I would tell you about the time I was asked to wear mascara... but I might smudge my make-up!

But being a northern male, I have been able to take it in my stride and remain unruffled... and during those times when I haven't felt completely comfortable I've been able to do what all men do - bluff my way through it.

We serve up a feast every teatime and we get out and about right across Lancashire. In fact I've been here long enough now to have lost my Hackenthorpe accent. Don't believe me? Then listen to the Brett Davison Programme weekdays 4 till 6pm on BBC Radio Lancashire!


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