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Prisoners should have right to vote says crime victim
Margaret Foxley
Margaret Foxley met the man who broke into her home

An east Lancashire woman who visited a man in jail after he had broken into her home, says prisoners should have the right to vote.

Margaret Foxley told the offender last year of how the laptop he stole included pictures of her daughter Jessica who had died in a crash.

Margaret says she agrees with the announcement that some prisoners will be given the right to vote.

"These offenders are just human beings like anybody else," she says.

"It is very much about getting those people back into society."

Margaret decided to go to Preston prison to visit the man who broke into her home as part of the restorative justice scheme designed to try and stop criminals from re-offending.

Human rights

She says she has visited other offenders in different prisons, and each one was "desperate" to not re-offend.

"That is the key thing for them.

"We have this period of time where we lock somebody away to actually work with them and find out about what's going to help them to get out into the community we've locked them away from."

She says serving a sentence in a prison doesn't mean they should lose their human rights.

"We wouldn't put them into prison in this country and starve them to death. We wouldn't put them in an area where they were freezing cold because they have basic human rights.

"They're just like you and me in that sense.

"We've got to give them the same kind of rights and opportunities as any other human being."

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