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Patrick the Ramsbottom micro-pig has to stay home

Patrick enjoys playing with a ball and being walked on a lead

A shop owner in Ramsbottom has been told he's no longer allowed to take his pig to work.

Lee White, who runs an outdoor clothing shop, bought the micro-pig, called Patrick, as a pet.

He says Patrick is a better pet than a dog, and enjoys playing with a ball, wearing a coat and being walked on a lead.

But health and safety bosses say Patrick is classed as livestock, so this little piggy has to stay home.

The fly in the oink-ment came when Lancashire County Council said Patrick has to be in one place for 20 days and 20 nights minimum in case there's an outbreak of a disease, such as foot and mouth.

This is so they can contain Patrick if there's an outbreak.

But now Lee has started a campaign to free the "Rammy One" saying a pet should be treated as one.

"I think the law needs changing," he says. "Micro-pigs are very en vogue now, so for people to have them as pets I think they need pet licences as opposed to livestock licences."

Lee says Patrick is a clever fellow: "He's fantastic, and very clean. He's more intelligent than a dog - we house trained him in a day and a half."

Micro-pigs can live for 18 years, so who knows, Patrick may be trottering around the shop in the future!

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