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Page last updated at 14:51 GMT, Thursday, 13 January 2011

Typhoon pilots' new BAe helmet links to weapons system


A piece of technology which could revolutionise the way RAF pilots operate in battle has been unveiled by BAe Systems in Preston

The Helmet Mounted Symbology System turns the visor into a computer screen, linking a pilot directly to the weapons system of his aircraft.

The pilot can then look at multiple targets and lock-on to them.

The developers say this can give the pilot a vital advantage when it comes making split-second decisions.

By linking the helmet to sensors around the cockpit, the pilot can look at targets over the shoulder, or picked up by the radar which is directly underneath the floor of the aircraft.

Mark Bowman, Chief Test Pilot for BAE Systems said: "This is a major advance in terms of combat capability and is something that gives Typhoon pilots a significant advantage when it comes to air combat.

"It is a major advance in aviation capability."

The new helmet system is expected to go into service with the UK's Royal Air Force this year.

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