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Accrington map shows residents' favourite places
Artist John Flanagan
Artist John Flanagan will be in Accrington Town Centre on 10 July

It's more than ten years since Accrington Town Centre was mapped, so it's time for an update.

But this time with a difference. It will not be an ordinary directional map.

To help visitors to the town centre, a new map is being produced which has the public's favourite places on it.

Local people will be asked how they use the town centre, what routes they take, where their favourite places are - and even who does the best cup of tea.

The result will be a new map of the shopping area with people's thoughts, ideas, images, memories and stories to help other people appreciate the town.

The map will be created by artist John Flanagan, as part of the Liberating Empty Terrain project.

John will be in Accrington Town Centre on 10 July with a team of volunteers, conducting a simple questionnaire and talking to local people to find out how they use the town centre.

Art installations

"Instead of creating a map of the town centre based upon traffic and the road system we're taking a look at it from the perspectives of the shoppers, shopkeepers, families, the young and not so young, delivery people, market traders, those who work here and those who have to journey across it to get to school, college or work," he says.

"We would like to know why people come here, the routes they take to walk around the centre and what they like to see and do.

"We want to find out if the town centre layout influences the way people shop, eat, meet and the facilities they use."

The team are after anecdotes or anything of interest: "It might be about the architecture or it might be about the buildings themselves. It might be about a favourite time that they've spent here.

"We're trying to put some life and character into it."

Over the coming months, Accrington will also be the inspiration for a number of activities after the map is completed including temporary art installations and creative drama.

Questionnaires can be downloaded from the Civic Arts Centre's website.

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