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Stories, poems and prose from East Lancashire Writers
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Many pieces created by the group have been broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire

Once a month, BBC Radio Lancashire plays host to the East Lancashire Writers' club.

The club are a collective of creative minds looking to inspire each other to write poetry and short stories.

The group was started in 2005, as part of the BBC RaW initiative, and it's a lively mixture of writers, actors and film-makers.

Some are novices, some have been published but all come together for encouragement and a bit of fun!

Many stories and pieces created by the group have been broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire - and here's the latest crop, the fruits of their labours.

If you like what you hear, feel free to get in touch and tell us - the group are always keen to receive feedback and new faces are always welcome.

So, who's who?


has written many pieces over the years… and you might remember his voice from his own series on BBC Radio Lancashire in the 90s, shining the spotlight on the history of some of Lancashire's theatres and palaces of variety. Les particularly enjoys writing in Lancashire dialect, and is one of the guiding lights within East Lancashire Writers.

LISTEN NOW: To Agnes the Antipodean Window Cleaner - a story about a hapless business idea by Les Jones.


is a prolific author and playwright; alongside published novels "The Firing" and "Victory Street, Richard has tasted success at the Edinburgh Fringe with his play "Inventing Max". Richard's help, advice and encouragement had been invaluable in helping some of the group's members take their first steps towards writing short stories . His patience is legendary, and Richard is rarely seen without a broad smile on his face!

LISTEN NOW: To Allotment Digs - a tale from a Lancashire allotment, with a supernatural flavour - by Richard MacSween.


has spent a lifetime treading the boards - during her extensive amateur dramatic career, Joan has played old and young and has worn the costumes of rich, poor and just about everyone in between! Joan's voice talents are remarkable and though she spends a lot of time breathing life into other people's lines, she's no slouch when it comes to writing poems, prose and short stories.

LISTEN NOW: To Doing My Bit - a dialect poem about reading the lesson in church read by Joan McCann.


has a background in amateur dramatics and teaches drama - and on occasion, she's the friendly voice you hear when contacting BBC Radio Lancashire's Helpdesk! As happy treading the boards as directing the action backstage, Jenny's enthusiasm for the performing arts must be in her genes - her daughter Kate has already started to carve out her own career in the public eye.

LISTEN NOW: To First Love - an exquisite story of innocence - by Jenny Hodkinson.


is an accomplished actor, director and producer… and set designer, props man, problem solver and publicist for Blackburn Drama Club. Enthusiastic and passionate about amateur dramatics, Eric doesn't know the meaning of the word "no" - and brought his considerable talents to BBC Radio Lancashire a couple of years ago when he designed and co-ordinated our amazing "The Trench" exhibit - bringing to life the horrors of trench warfare in WWI for thousands of visitors.

LISTEN NOW: To Shakespeare's Digger - a tongue-in-cheek re-working of famous Shakesperean quotes from an Irish perspective read by Eric Nolan.


is a woman of many talents - indeed, her life is so hectic that it's a miracle she actually finds the time to put pen to paper! Alongside working in a voluntary capacity for various charities - and writing some lovely pieces of prose - Gaye's latest challenge is to raise money and support to restore a narrowboat on the Leeds and Liverpool canal, to enable it to be used as a floating classroom and to preserve an important piece of our heritage.

LISTEN NOW: To Tea at The Ritz - a short poem about a good old fashioned treat by Gaye Gerrard.

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