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Page last updated at 13:16 GMT, Tuesday, 2 March 2010
'No cut no fee' firm fears of Garstang mother
Facing the Cuts
Lancashire County Council are facing one of the toughest times ever

A mum from Garstang is protesting against Lancashire County Council plans to employ consultants to reassess her son's care package.

Anne McCloy says she believes the plans to bring in "no cut, no fee" financial managers will impact on her son David's care.

He's 36 and was severely brain damaged at birth so needs 24-hour care.

"My son is one of the ten that have been chosen," Anne explained.

"I have no misconceptions as to why he's been chosen. He has a very expensive package of care."

Speaking at a special panel show on BBC Radio Lancashire for the BBC's Facing the Cuts project, the leader of Lancashire County Council, Councillor Geoff Driver, initially denied knowing anything about the company.

The leader of Lancashire County Council Geoff Driver
The leader of Lancashire County Council Geoff Driver

However, he went on to say: "They are a company that only earn anything if they make savings, but they will only make savings if those savings are acceptable to us.

"I can give a cast iron guarantee, we are not going to reduce the level of services to disabled people, vulnerable people and the elderly," he added.

But Anne McCloy says the council will share the money saved with a private company from outside of the area.

"If that package of care needed to be cut, the money saved should stay in Lancashire and it should be used for Lancashire people. It shouldn't be given to a private company," she added.

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