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Page last updated at 09:16 GMT, Monday, 1 March 2010
'No need' for Blackpool Council to make cuts this year

Facing the Cuts
Lancashire's councils are facing one of the toughest times they've ever known

Blackpool Council says it's not going to rule out cutting jobs as they "Face the Cuts" of more than £7m.

The Conservative controlled council has approved proposals to cut millions from social care, regeneration and tourism in the 2010-2011 budget.

As of April 2010, £2m will be cut from adult social services and housing, £2m from child social services and £900,000 from the budget from regeneration and tourism. The rest of the savings will be made from cutting back in various other services.

However, the finance spokesman for Labour says there is no need for any cuts this year as the council have had a 4% rise in funding from the government.

'No need'

Councillor Simon Blackburn - the Chairman of the Council's Audit Committee - says: "The budget for 2010-11 doesn't need to be involved.

"[Blackpool Council] have efficiency savings in the budget as £7.2m; that's going to lead to cuts on services on the ground and that is going to lead to, I would imagine, compulsory redundancies and there is no need at the present time to do that."

He adds: "In future years I do not doubt that we will need to make difficult and sometimes painful decisions but what I'm saying is at the moment is this is a politically motivated budget trying to clear the decks for a local election next year."

The councillor - who is also a student social worker - says he personally wouldn't be making any cuts to social services. Instead, he would look for savings by reviewing the council's structure and services they provide, in particular senior officers on six figures.

He explains: "The fact that we're even contemplating cutting money from those services - when they deserve far more funding - really does frighten me."

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