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Page last updated at 06:22 GMT, Monday, 1 March 2010
Facing the Cuts: Library users angered by council cuts
Mobile Library
The cuts to library services have angered users

Library users in Lancashire have reacted with anger at the news they are facing cuts in their service.

Lancashire County Council's Trailer Library currently serves residents in the villages of Croston, Banks and Gregson Lane.

It's a converted HGV trailer which was completely refurbished and restocked in 2001 when it was computerised.

However, Lancashire County Council have decided to cut the trailer service and replace it with the mobile library.

Banks currently has the library two days a week, it's in Croston one day a week and has one and a half days in Gregson Lane.

'Terrible shame'

The council cuts in this year's budget means the villagers will probably only get a half a day visit from the library every fortnight.

"I think it will be a terrible shame. I bring my little girl to get books for her and she loves the whole experience," said Croston mum Asha Rafferty. "Please don't close the library," she added.

Make the cuts somewhere else - this is vital here.
Croston resident, Edith Parsons

Another Croston resident, Edith Parsons, said cutting the visits to half a day every fortnight is not acceptable: "Make the cuts somewhere else; this is vital here. With the amount of people who come and meet on a Tuesday, it would be awful if it went."

Replacing completely

Two full time posts will be lost as a result of the cuts which will save the council £80,000 this year and £100,000 for the next three years.

The trailer is over 20 years old and, in the opinion of the council's fleet manager, needs between £6,000 and £8,000 spending on it now and will need replacing completely within the next two to three years.

The council is also cutting the amount of money it has to spend on new library books, magazines and newspapers, saying most newspapers are now available to read online and a set of encyclopedias in every library could be more expensive than an online subscription to the same source.

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