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A rare moth comes to light at Warton Crag Reserve
Barred Tooth-striped moth
This type of moth is only found in a limited number of locations in the UK

An endangered moth has been spotted on Warton Crag Nature Reserve.

The recording of the Barred Tooth-striped moth (Trichopteryx polycommata) by Lancashire's Wildlife Trust is the first on record for the reserve.

The last confirmed recording of the Barred Tooth-striped moth in the Warton Crag area was in the 1960s.

The moth is a priority species for conservation under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and is only found in a limited number of locations in the UK.


The caterpillars feed on wild privet in May and June, before overwintering as pupae. Adult moths emerge the following year and are on the wing for just a few weeks in April.

Habitat preferred for the species are open woodland glades and limestone outcrops, both of which are features of the Warton Crag reserve.

Warton Crag already supports populations of several butterfly and moth species of national conservation concern.

These include the High Brown Fritillary and Northern Brown Argus, Pearl-bordered and Small pearl-bordered Fritillaries, as well as the day-flying White-spotted Sable moth Anania funebris.

Since early 2008, the Wildlife Trust has been undertaking a project to benefit these species on the Crag, and work to enhance areas of habitat for Barred Tooth-striped will now be included.

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