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Page last updated at 16:16 GMT, Wednesday, 23 June 2010 17:16 UK
Bullied Kent girl tempted by suicide becomes mentor
Georgia Wood

Georgia Wood talks to other youngsters who are being bullied

A Kent girl, who was bullied so badly she tried to take her own life, has re-gained her confidence to become a mentor for other youngsters.

Georgia Wood, from Dartford, is 14 years old. Two years ago, she tried to hang herself in the school toilets.

"I thought I wasn't worth anything and that my life wasn't worth anything" said Georgia.

Research by the charity, Beatbullying, shows bullying is present before nearly half of suicides by young people.

Beatbullying reviewed data from 2000 to 2008 from the Office for National Statistics and correlated it with an analysis of national media reports. This provided a substantial sample.

Death threats

Only cases where bullying was identified clearly and without doubt was a contributing factor in the decision to end the life were counted.

Beatbullying found 44% of suicides committed by young people in the UK are connected to bullying.

Georgia was called names, had cans and rocks thrown at her, and she also received death threats.

"I was friends with everybody and then everybody turned on me so it was everyone in my class.

"They saw how confident I was getting through my dancing, I don't think they liked that I was becoming a better person and it wasn't because of them."

'Hateful text'

Georgia was also bullied online, and a group on a social networking site was formed in dedication of hate towards her.

"They were tormenting me at home, at school, I wouldn't even be able to go out with family without a hateful text."

Georgia Wood had a lucky escape from losing her life.

"I got counselling and that's probably one of the things that helped boost my confidence because then I realised I didn't have to be scared of anyone anymore and it was coming to a gradual halt so I could be myself again.

"Now I'm here fighting for people who feel as low as I did."

Beatbullying says more research into child suicide is absolutely critical.


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