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Clangers mosaic in memory of creator Oliver Postgate
Clangers mosaic
Who's Oliver Postgate? You fool he made us!

A mosaic of two Clangers hangs on the front wall of Oliver Postgate's Broadstairs home.

The mosaic, commissioned by Mr Postgate's partner Naomi Linnell, features Tiny Clanger and Major Clanger.

The mosaic Clangers look up towards the blue plaque fixed to the house after the children's television animator died in 2008.

Ms Linnell wanted something visual to remind people of her partner's work.

The mosaic features Tiny Clanger and Major Clanger looking up at the blue plaque on the front of Mr Postgate's house. Tiny Clanger is saying "who's Oliver Postgate?" and Major Clanger is saying "you fool he made us!"

Remembering Oliver

The blue plaque commemorating the life and work of the animator is fixed to the house where his partner Naomi Linnell still lives. Ms Linnell said the plaque attracts a lot of attention but people do not always know who Mr Postgate was.

Oliver Postagte's partner, Naomi Linnell
Naomi Linnell still lives in Broadstairs along with Oliver Postgate's creations

"Sometimes they say to each other or to us 'who was Oliver Postgate?' and I thought it would be nice to have something to give some information to the people who want to know."

Ms Linnell learned that local artist Martin Cheek was planning a large mosaic in memory of the Clangers creator and she decided a smaller mosaic for the front of the house would help inform people of who Mr Postgate was and the work he did.

"I wanted something that was visual in Broadstairs to remind people of Oliver and really to remind of his work."

Artist Martin Cheek works on Clangers mural
The mosaic Clangers took a month to make

Mr Cheek said creating a mosaic of Mr Postgate's characters that people would recognise was a privilege. The mosaic took one month to make while the design took five minutes. Mr Cheek drew it with Ms Linnell by his side.

"I've always loved his work...we all grew up with those films and we remember what we were doing at the time we were watching them. It's very special and lovely to be asked and be able to do a nice job."

A slightly surreal side

Ms Linnell explained that of all Mr Postgate's work, the Clangers most reflected his personality, showing some of the things he was interested in and having a slightly surreal side, which that was present in all of Mr Postgate's work and life.

"Things that other people thought were mad and peculiar Oliver would treat as perfectly normal and perfectly ordinary."

As well as the Clangers, Mr Postgate, and fellow animator Peter Firmin, created Noggin the Nog, Bagpuss Ivor the Engine, The Pogles and The Pingwings. They named their two-man operation Smallfilms and worked out of a disused cowshed on Mr Firmin's farm near Canterbury.

Animation and mosaic

Artist Martin Cheek at work
Martin Cheek was an animator before becoming a mosaic artist

Mr Cheek has also worked as an animator.

"I understand about animation, when I became a mosaic artist people think it's so different but mentally the way you apply yourself to being an animator and being mosaic artist is very very similar .

"I'm a plodder basically, it's not flash bang wallop and if something takes weeks to do then that's fine and you put the hours in and you just steadily get on with it."



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