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Page last updated at 16:24 GMT, Monday, 15 November 2010

Salt cave opens in Kent to aid respiratory problems


A salt cave to help treat breathing problems, which has opened in Tunbridge Wells, is believed to be only the second of its kind in the UK.

The Salt Cave is a special chamber that uses a dry saline aerosol diffuser in a room with salt deposits covering the floors and walls. Patients sit in a comfortable chair in the chamber for an hour relaxing, listening to music and breathing normally.

Eastern Europeans have been visiting natural salt mines to inhale the air for more than a century to treat respiratory problems. This approach has been adopted in other parts of the world and is called salt therapy, or halotherapy, and can help people who suffer with ailments such as colds, asthma and sinusitis.

The Salt Cave in Tunbridge Wells has produced encouraging results, although not all experts are convinced by the therapy. BBC South East Today's Ceri Perkins went to find out more.

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