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Page last updated at 09:12 GMT, Wednesday, 16 December 2009
Teletext to close mid-December
Flight arrival and departure information is available through Teletext

The Teletext information service on analogue and digital television will close across the UK on 16 December.

Limited services including holidays, racing and bookmaking and the subtitles on analogue channels will remain available.

Teletext's chat and dating TV channels on Freeview will also be unaffected.

Speaking to the BBC in Jersey, Karen Rankin, the Managing Director of Broadcast at Channel TV said the closure was a commercial decision.

"The decision was taken by Teletext UK who run the licence for the whole of the UK to withdraw the service at the end of this year," said Karen.

She went on to explain that the advertising funded service was no longer commercially viable.

"Because it is a service that is funded entirely by a commercial advertising revenue, what's been happening of course is that as people have migrated more and more to using the internet, it is no longer a viable business model.

"Channel Television has provided for a very long time local pages into that national service but we are not the licence holders ourselves.

"We are only contracted to provide the local service so that will go at the same time," said Karen.

Jersey Airport
The information is available from the Airport and Harbour sites

If you use the Teletext service to check flights or harbour information you will need to look elsewhere.

If you've ever looked up your flight information on page 295, or checked out the TV listings it's the end of an era.

All of the information that was on the local Teletext pages is available through a number of local websites and subtitles will still remain on programmes through page 888.

"Subtitles will be absolutely unaffected by the withdrawal of the public information service.

"The reason for this is that although it is the same system used to transmit the subtitles, it is not provided by Teletext UK, it is completely different setup.

"The subtitles for national programmes are provided and generated by the ITFC and local subtitles will continue to be provided and transmitted by Channel Television as they are now," said Karen.

Teletext used to be relied on by mariners to check marine weather, tides and shipping movements.

If you were one of them, the Deputy Harbour Master Captain Peter Moore has warned islanders to keep the Coastguard line clear for emergency use and search and rescue.

He's reminding people that the Jersey Met website and the Jersey Harbours website between them show commercial shipping arrival and departure times and the weather.

You can find harbour and airport information from their respective websites and the States of Jersey publish flight arrivals and weather information on their mobile phone site .

And you can find information from a number of Jersey travel sources through our dedicated Travel Information Page .



The british and the Americans never cared very much about service and their people anyhow. It is utterly unimportant if a service is not commercial viable. The fire brigade is working at a loss too, should they stop too during the holidays?

Tony, Manchester

I wont be missing Teletext....it was slow and took ages for pages to come around again. this was one button I had stopped using on my remote about 10 years ago.

Steve, Western Australia

Sad day. I really missed this service when I moved to Australia seven years ago. Even in this web-savvy age the ability to bring up information with the touch of four different coloured buttons will be missed.

Andrew W

Why is anyone still using this service? It was OK back in 1986 but it was incredibly out of date even 15 years ago and should have closed down then. I can only imagine that everyone here who says they miss it are having a joke. You know you haven't used it for ages. Get with it people!

Gina, Brussels and Munich

This is too bad! I loved the UK teletext and relied on it for cross-referencing weather forecasts, flight arrivals and, of course, the TV programme. Even though I can use the internet for all this, teletext sometimes came in much more handy and more reliably.

I remember times like 9/11 when all newssites on the internet were down due to traffic - but teletext still worked! I'll write to Santa for Christmas, wishing that this closure will not spread to other countries.

Andrew, Liverpool

I don't really see what the problem is, surely it will disappear when the analogue signal is switched off anyway?

Philip, Sevenoaks

Does anybody else remember Fife Robertson (Robinson?) presenting teletext as the next big thing back in the early 1980s? It was on a bizarre TV series that also showed him in a rowing boat on a lake under spaghetti junction. So watch it, internet. 25 years - that's all you get and then they switch you off!

Ian, London

I worked with the Press Association who where a major news provider for Teletext in the mid 90's - it was a great service and a really dedicated team of individuals. The end of an Era.

Neil, Guernsey

I can remember a demonstration of Teletext (well, the BBC's Ceefax service) in the late 70's, when you had to buy a separate adapter as no TVs had integrated Teletext. I appreciate the business reasons for this closure but it's a real shame as I don't think that the Internet IS an alternative. Is my grandmother going to get fixed-up with an Internet connection to get her local news?! I find the digital Freeview/satellite Red Button services really slow, and I doubt whether they cover all of the same information that was available on Teletext.


How ironic - 6 months ago my 86 year-old grandmother finally mastered using Ceefax. She's not going to be happy...

Darren, US

What a shame. Teletext was an amazing service and has been for so many years. I grew up with it as many others did. Particularly in the 80s when it was the internet of it's day.

I have tried to explain to my American friends what it was all about but they can't even fathom the service.

It was a credit to the UK and it will be missed. Thankyou Teletext, I salute you.

George, Leeds

This is awful, my parents swear by teletext. And so do I. My upstairs tv isn't digital, so I use teletext for the tv guide. And what about the quizzes? What will happen to them?

This is terrible

Chris, Guernsey

Teletext might not be a charity, but some of the things it provided, like shipping and flight arrivals, were crucial for many without an Internet connection. Perhaps it's time certain pages migrated to charitable control, or became a States service.

Andrew, Flintshire

I will be sad to see the end of the teletext system, I was a child when it first arrived and used to love playing the games and pressing 'reveal' etc remember that :) bless teletext its awesome - we still have the emulator for our BBC micros though eh fellow geeks :D


thats not a good idea, and you shoulnt do it. people need the teletext, if they dont want to go in the internet, but need some easy information, as you said the next flight or the weather...

Ryan Morrison - BBC

The Teletext shutdown covers the whole of the UK, not just Jersey.

Robin J, N. Ireland

Is the Teletext Closure for Jersey or for all the U.K?

I use it daily for the latest News and Share Information including the FTSE.

I will miss it a lot.

Tony P

I am right in thinking that this only affects Jersey, that the rest of the UK is still okay.

David, Hull

My Dad loves teletext it'll break is heart, he is a complete technophobe can't even switch a computer on!!! gods knows what he's gonna do now, teletext was the nearest thing he have to the internet. Time to get with it dad!!

Dani, Leicester

I'm extremely disappointed by the loss of this service. My father is visually impaired. He has difficulty accessing alternative services such as the internet, even reading newspapers is difficult because of the small text. Teletext provides him with up-to-date information, such as cricket scores, with enlarged text on a screen which he can find easily by entering simple three digit numbers on the remote control. In my opinion this advance will hinder my father's quality of life.

Martin, Leeds

A truly sad day, something we all grew up with is on it's final song!

We solute you Teletex and remember the hours waiting to see what is on at our local cinema, only then to find that the page refresh is too fast to read all the information so we have to wait again!.


Just when I hoped my birthday would make the news, I find that TeleText is being killed on the same day!

Talk about double whammy! :-)

Wayne, Tilbury

Well its a shame its going, you could say the teletext service was the first type of internet, with all sorts on offer. I used to use it when I was a child, will be a shame to see it go!!! Mind you I dont even have a TV now!!!!


Teletext UK is a business not a charity. If the milkman throws in the towel because his business is not financially viable anymore, it might be justifiable to whinge about the modern day supermarkets that put him out of business but don't hold the good old fashioned service responsible for taking something away that you've taken for granted. Every business has a right to close down, just as every person has a right to resign from his/her job.

Jason, St. Sampsons, Guernsey

I am very disappointed by the loss of teletext. Seems to me that we're not putting up much of a fight for this valuable service, surely an approach to Ofcom (or whoever relevant) could perhaps yield at least a temporary license even if only to provide a community service...

Like lots of people I'm a bit of a web junkie but I will still very much miss being able to access quick and simple information through any of my home TV's.



What will happen to Bamboozle? I will miss Bam the Bamboozler.

Tom, Montpellier, France

Teletext and its equivalent services on other channels were one of the things I loved best about TV in the UK. Very sad to see it go.

David, UK

Yes Ceefax on BBC is still on Analogue. But Teletext on ITV/C4/C5 on all platforms is being switched off.

Of Course Ceefax goes when everyone switches to Digital then you get to use BBCi text

TechnoBuddhist, Gloucester

End of an era :(

I used to surf teletext long before surfing the web was a twinkle in anybody's eye.

Maria, Lancashire

This is all very well and good, but what about those who do not have access to the internet at home. My mum hasn't gone digital yet and won't until well into the new year and surely this decision is going to effect many people who do not have internet access.

Andrew, Merseyside

What about Ceefax? Does that still exist?


I still look up football scores on teletext because it's so much faster than pressing a red button or going online! I'll miss the instantaneous service.


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