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Presenter profile: Mike Wilkins

Mike Wilkins
Mike was a late starter in broadcasting

Mike was a late starter when it comes to broadcasting. He used to be a management consultant, a job he liked but struggled to love.

Mike says he thrives with variety, which is why journalism is a perfect match, "Gone are the days when Sunday evening came and I was dreading going to work the next day."

Before moving to Guernsey, where he has extended family, Mike spent three years at BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Points West, where he was a district reporter. Prior to that he worked for BBC South and BBC WM.

In his role as a video journalist, Mike has to find the stories, arrange interviews, film, voice and edit the reports himself. It's an intense job both physically and mentally.

But Mike says it's the opportunity to creatively take a story from conception to completion that more than makes up for the workload.

But it's not just reporting in the field. Mike presents the news as well as conducting studio interviews from the Guernsey newsroom.

In his spare time, Mike loves playing as much sport as he can, strumming his guitar (badly) and is still trying to learn how to sail properly!

He is a Fellow of the International Journalists' Programme (IJP), has an MA in Journalism, a PGDip in Broadcast Journalism and a BA (Hons) in French.

Watch Mike Monday - Friday on BBC One at 18:30 and 22:25.

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