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What does the Lieutenant Governor do for Jersey?
General Sir John McColl
Sir John McColl is Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor

In September 2011 Jersey will get a new Lieutenant Governor after General Andrew Ridgeway's term of office comes to an end.

General Sir John McColl will become the next resident of Government House.

But what does a Lieutenant Governor do for the £100,005 salary and how do you get the job?

To become Lieutenant Governor you have to have had a 'long and distinguished' military career and be appointed by a special panel.

An advertisement inviting people to apply for the role of Lieutenant Governor appeared in the broadsheets earlier this year.

But it is not a job that just anyone can apply, it carries certain amount of prestige and gravitas and former governors have all been high ranking military men from the various armed forces.

The job advert says: "It is essential for candidates to have a distinguished military service background at the highest level."

Lieutenant Governor

And that people applying for the role should be: "capable of being a discreet and lucid communicator to the islands' authorities and UK government."

As well as being a communicator, the person taking on the role would also need to be able to become a part of the community.

The advert calls for someone to: "Have the ability to play a leading role in community life in the Bailiwick and be comfortable in doing so.

"Be diplomatic and tactful in the discharge of their duties and able to pay close attention to local political and societal sensitivities and protocols.

"Have the ability to adapt rapidly to a new setting and to react quickly to changing situations whilst at the same time respecting local customs."

So, if you answered all of those criteria and wanted to reply - what then?

The advert invited you to order an application pack, from then you would take part in interviews with local authorities to find out if you were suitable.

A selection panel made up of the Bailiff, a senior Jurat and a member of the appointments commission would then make the decision.

Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant Governor also participated in services and occasions

That is a recent change in protocol as it used to be UK officials who chose.

On this occasion General Sir John McColl was chosen as the best candidate.

He has a distinguished career including time as Tony Blair's special envoy to Afghanistan and is currently the deputy supreme allied commander in Europe.

He will take over from General Andrew Ridgeway next year.

But, we've explored what Sir John will be responsible for and the skills he will need, but what will he actually do when he reaches the island in September 2011?

Well, according to the advert for the post there are a number of areas of responsibility for those in society to more official roles.

The first role of the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey is to be Her Majesty The Queen's personal representative and impartial adviser.

He, and so far it has always been a he, will also represent Her Majesty The Queen on ceremonial occasions.

They will host Royal, Ambassadorial and VIP visits and occasions in conjunction with the Islands' authorities.

To act as a point of contact between the Islands' authorities and the UK Government and to play a full and active part in social and charitable affairs in the island.

Royal visit
The Lieutenant Governor is responsible for hosting Royal visits

They will carry out a number of executive functions, mainly around the control of immigration, deportation and naturalisation.

They will send recommendations for certain Crown appointments to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice from States and church authorities.

They will also make recommendations for official honours and awards and work with the islands government to promote respective interests and profiles.

That's a lot of responsibility, but it also comes with a fairly large salary - paid tax free at £105,294 a year, as well as a house and staff.

And some people have speculated at the possibility of a female Lieutenant Governor, and that is taken account of in the advert.

"Equal opportunities: Guernsey and Jersey are committed to appointment on merit and by fair and open processes and with regard to the principle of quality of opportunity."

General Sir John McColl said he is delighted with the honour of being chosen for the job. He will move to Government house with his wife Gene in September 2011.

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