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Stuart Syvret

Stuart Syvret
Stuart Syvret

Website: stuartsyvret.blogspot.com/

Colours: Green, red and white.

Why are you standing?

I gave up my seat in order to cause - and contest - this by-election on a simple anti-corruption platform.

For twenty years as a States member, I was consistent in my courage and honesty. But we can only change our corrupted systems of governance if that is what the public want.

What can you achieve in 18 months?

I will concentrate on the task I believe to be necessary to save Jersey from complete ruination. We must regain control over the destiny of our community from the narrow, self-interested establishment that has controlled Jersey for decades.

We will only succeed through the formation of a credible political party.

Is Ministerial Government working?

No. But with years of experience of Ministerial, and Committee government, I know that no amount of fiddling with the apparatus will deliver good governance.

Only a new political culture will work; one of policy-politics, that gives meaningful power to the public - and makes politicians and expensive civil servants accountable.

How far do you think Jersey should support the islands finance industry?

Jersey is dangerously over-reliant on finance. Its prosperity has not been properly shared with the community.

After four 'gold-rush' decades of extraordinary growth, what do we have to show?

Less than one year's public expenditure in the Strategic Reserve - and, recently, a massive transfer of the tax-burden onto the poor.

How should Jersey's housing shortage be addressed?

By limiting population growth.

For years Jersey's politicians have paid lip-service to housing everyone - but continued to expand the islands' population to ensure the accommodation industry (frequently their own interest) always had increasing demand for its product: accommodation.

We must change the housing market from one of excessive demand, to a more stable model.

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