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Nick Le Cornu

Manifesto: Nick Le Cornu



Colours: yellow daffodil

Why are you standing for Senator?

I want to believe in the democratic process that reform can be achieved via the ballot box.

What can you achieve in 18 months?

I will be another vote against the "Austerity Programme" of cuts and job losses and seek to diversify the economy.

I will help build an effective progressive opposition; one that is not easily stereotyped.

Is ministerial government working?

The failure of ministerial government is the failure of Scrutiny. The Ministers are not effectively scrutinised and face no real opposition.

Power has been centralized into the hands of the executive without creating a counterweight.

Clothier's recommendations for democratic reform were rejected leaving an ossified and unaccountable governing elite.

How far do you think Jersey should support the islands finance industry?

A more diverse economy with alternative business and employment opportunities will create a solid social base for the finance industry.

This will avoid social polarization, providing employment for the less skilled and encourage those highly skilled in other fields to return to the island.

How should Jersey's housing shortage be addressed?

We must plan to abolish the Housing Law and create an obligation on government to house the population adequately.

The important question is whether we want housing or simply a housing market? Until we reduce the speculative share of the market housing will not be more affordable.

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