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Phil Maguire


Manifesto: Phil Maguire

Website: www.pulse79.com

Colours: n/a

Why are you standing for Senator?

To stop the government from taxing us into oblivion. Their opinion that tax increases have no effect is just stupid.

They damage local businesses and drive them out of the marketplace as has happened when GST was introduced.

What can you achieve in 18 months?

• Stop the government from introducing any new taxes
• Set up a plan to loan money to local people and businesses
• Use this plan to rejuvenate farming, tourism, health and a range of newer industries
• Stop the Tax Department from using ITIS from overcharging people

Is ministerial government working?

No. It is morally wrong that ministers withhold information from the States Assembly who are the real leadership.

And scrutiny panels are toothless, paper tigers that are oblivious to the very real problems in the present system.

How far do you think Jersey should support the islands finance industry?

I thoroughly support the idea of a Jersey finance industry to complement and then supercede the existing foreign, transient industry we have now that has no loyalty to this island and merely pays a ground rent to rest here while it is convenient

How should Jersey's housing shortage be addressed?

Use modern, cheaper building materials and practices to drive prices of new builds down.

Turn all existing unused office space into apartments and place a limit on the amount of office space available so for every new office building built an old one must be turned over to housing.

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