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Page last updated at 12:41 GMT, Sunday, 6 June 2010 13:41 UK
Geoff Southern (JDA)


Manifesto: Geoff Southern

Website: www.jdajersey.co.uk

Colours: red/blue

Why are you standing for Senator?

After 8 years in the States as a hard-working deputy, I believe I have developed the experience, skills and understanding required to take on the responsibility of the island-wide mandate.

I have always taken on major issues and contributed to policy-making in the States.

What can you achieve in 18 months?

I shall carry on my work, pursuing goals on Income Support, fair taxes and the right balance in the economy.

In the past 18 months, I have persuaded to States to support redundancy payments, tenants' deposit protection, a rise in the minimum wage and funding the town park.

Is ministerial government working?

No. Ministers are still too secretive. Good Scrutiny research often gets ignored.

We need a single type of member, and the full scale adoption of political parties with clear manifestos we can rely on. In short we need to adopt the Clothier recommendations.

How far do you think Jersey should support the islands finance industry?

The island should continue to support an ethical and well regulated finance sector, and must fully co-operate with EU and OECD initiatives.

Zero/ten was the wrong step which pushed £100 million of the tax burden on to ordinary working families. This must be addressed urgently.

How should Jersey's housing shortage be addressed?

By addressing the critical issue of population; go-for-growth policies have led to rampant unsustainable population growth.

If we are to keep green fields and not cram high-rise in town, we must first tackle immigration. To keep house prices down the States must acquire land at lower cost.

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