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Page last updated at 12:41 GMT, Sunday, 6 June 2010 13:41 UK
Francis Le Gresley

Manifesto: Francis Le Gresley

Website: election2010.francis.legresley.me.uk/

Colours: red/white

Why are you standing for Senator?

I am ready to take my extensive work within the community onto a bigger stage.

I consider that I have the intelligence, enthusiasm and relevant skills to become a Minister and have the statesman like qualities to be an effective ambassador for our island.

What can you achieve in 18 months?

I believe I can make a valuable contribution to forthcoming debates on the Comprehensive Spending Review and Business Plan for 2011.

I would resign from my present employment so as to be able to give the position of Senator my full commitment and would seek re-election in October 2011.

Is ministerial government working?

Ministerial government has left too many States members on the sidelines, unable to play a constructive role in the government of our island.

We need more openness. We also need more consensus and to pool all the talents found in the Assembly.

How far do you think Jersey should support the islands finance industry?

In 2008 the finance sector contributed 53% of economic activity in Jersey, equivalent to £2.3 billion. We have to protect this industry which employs over 13,000 people.

However, we must not increase GST in order to further reduce the taxes paid by non locally owned companies.

How should Jersey's housing shortage be addressed?

We must stop pandering to developers who are not interested in building first time buyer homes or social housing.

The Minister for Planning and Environment must limit further developments of luxury flats and houses, many of which end up being sold to investors from outside of the island.

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